Best Cheap Power Inverter

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Last Updated on December 31, 2020

Best Cheap Power Inverter

A car for every purpose and purse – Alfred P. Sloan

While Alfred Sloan’s, the longest-serving head of General Motors and Henry Ford’s greatest rival, dream of designing and manufacturing a car that would satisfy every possible automotive need is still a pipedream, the point at which that car will become available, gets closer every day.

Things have changed drastically since Alfred’s time, and so have the needs of the modern car owner.

In an age of hustle, bustle, and go in which every aspect of life is governed by our need to work and be online, the one thing that most cars, RV’s and vans lack is a source of power to fuel the things we need to make our lives work.

Most new cars are fitted with USB ports and outputs which are fine for charging smartphones but they won’t really run anything larger that needs a little extra juice to function.

If you want to power-up a laptop or charge and run something that needs a little more electricity while you’re in your car or van, the only way you can do it is with a power inverter.

The one-stop solution to the charging and electrical needs of every technology-obsessed driver, power inverters can transform your vehicle into a charging station. And as your life is almost certainly as crazy as ours is, we’re guessing that you’ve been searching for a way to keep your busy life on track.

That’s why we’ve made a list of the best cheap power inverters because convenience doesn’t have to hurt your pocketbook and now, more than ever, every penny matters.

So get ready to leave yesterday behind and embrace the world of tomorrow with a simple device that’ll change your automotive life…


1. BESTEK 300W Power Inverter

Bestek is proud of the fact that they’re America’s leading power inverter brand, and they earned their position at the top of the inverter mountain the hard way.

They did it by designing and manufacturing the sort of power inverters are made to keep the country running, day in and day out, three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

Built to plug straight into your car’s twelve-volt output, or as most folks still call it the cigarette lighter, this power inverter will supply a constant charge of three hundred watts and when you need it, is capable of delivering seven hundred watts of instantaneous power.

With two USB outlets and a couple of more conventional one hundred and ten-volt plug sockets, it’ll happily run and charge everything from your laptop to a portable coffee maker or any small household appliance that you’ll want to hit the road with.

And thanks to the Safe Charging technology that Bestek has used to bring this power inverter to life, and it’s built-in forty amp fuses, you’ll never have to worry about this power inverter overheating, under and oversupplying whatever it is you’re charging with current, or causing meltdowns and short circuits.

Just plug it in and it, and you will be good to start charging and powering whatever you need it to.

Small enough to fit snugly inside the glove compartment of your car when you’re finished using it, the Bestek also uses a Smart Cooling fan to make sure that it never gets too hot to handle.

And all of the important parts that make it the technological marvel that it is are housed within its durable metal casing, so even if you do drop it, it’ll fire up without hesitation the next time you plug it in.


  • With two one hundred and ten-volt outlets and two USB ports, the Bestek is a heavy-duty inverter that’s ready to take on, and power, just about anything you need it to while you’re heading from A to B in your vehicle.
  • The Bestek has a standard running output of three hundred watts and is capable of delivering seven hundred at peak when you need it to. This little inverter will provide a whole of power that’s readily available at the flick of a switch.
  • And it’s been designed to keep your electrical equipment safe. The Smart Charging technology that Bestek uses means that you’ll never have to worry about anything that you plug into this inverter.
  • It’s a hardy little piece of kit too, and can, and should stand up to whatever punishment and abuse it suffers while languishing in the glove compartment of your car.
  • Bestek is so sure that this inverter will do everything that you need it to and that it won’t let you down, that they’ve guaranteed their power inverter for eighteen months. In other words, it comes with a cast-iron eighteen-month warranty.


  • Thanks to it’s near impregnable construction and the fact that it’s tougher than Mike Tyson in his heyday, if the forty amp fuses in it do fail, it’s game over for this power inverter. That said, given what you’ll pay for it, it’ll almost certainly be easier and cheaper to order another inverter instead of trying to find someone to swap the fuses out, or if you’re technically inclined to try to do it yourself.

2. Stanley Fatmax 140W Power Inverter

Stanley has been forging tools and finding solutions for all of the everyday problems that America has faced for eighteen decades.

Since eighteen forty-three they’ve been helping working men and women to find answers to all the conundrums that they’ve faced while shaping the world that we live in.

This brings us to their power inverter, which just like every other Stanley product has been designed to be simple and efficient to use.

With two USB outputs and a single one hundred and ten-volt socket, this one hundred and forty-watt power inverter will plug straight into your car’s cigarette lighter, and provide a continuous running charge of one hundred watts.

It’ll charge and run your laptop, tablet, or any other sensitive and smart technology that you need to hit the road with. It may not be the biggest dog in the inverter yard, but it’ll power and drive whatever you need it to without hesitation.

Supplied with a dashboard mounting kit, which it’ll click into with a push and can be easily released from with the touch of a button, the Fatmax adheres rigidly to the Stanley way of doing things.

It’s affordable, simple, and won’t weigh you down with an endlessly complicated and unnecessary set of operating instructions.


  • Engineered with fan-free, silent running technology, once you’ve fitted the Fatmax, you won’t even notice that it’s there. It’ll just keep charging and running your technology until you switch it off.
  • It’s also been designed with an automatic shut-off, so it’ll never drain your battery or leave you stranded. The Fatmax has been made to make your life easier and not make it any more difficult. Making things hard is the rest of the world’s job, it isn’t Stanley’s.
  • Compact, light, and small, the Fatmax will easily fit into your glove compartment when you’ve finished using it.
  • And, just like everything else that Stanley makes, the Fatmax comes with a one-year limited warranty. That means you’ll have twelve months of worry-free inverting at a price that’ll make your pocketbook get up and do a little victory dance.


  • It’s been made to follow the Stanley golden rule and keep things simple, and that’s exactly what it does. It won’t run much, but it will power what matters when it matters, and that’s all you’ll ever need, or want, it to do.

3. Duracell 175 Watt Portable Power Inverter

A century of battery and power innovation has pushed Duracell, thanks in no small part to their energy bunny conquering the advertising world, to the forefront of mainstream consciousness.

When people think about batteries, they think about Duracell, so it’s not exactly a surprise that this Ohio based global super brand also makes an incredibly efficient and affordable power inverter.

Engineered to plug straight into your car’s cigarette lighter, this slimline, compact inverter will generate a running charge of one hundred and thirty watts and deliver a peak of one hundred and seventy-five when it’s needed.

With two one hundred and ten-volt sockets and two USB outlets, it’ll charge up to four smart devices at once and as soon as it’s plugged in and ready to go, you’ll be able to run your laptop straight from the power that this inverter will supply.

With built-in overload, short circuit and under and overload protection, and silent running fan that’ll prevent it from overheating, Duracell’s inverter is an easy solution to all of your in car power problems.

Don’t let its size fool you into thinking that this inverter doesn’t have it where it matters, it does. It’ll keep on making as much power as your smart technology needs in order to run smoothly and efficiently.

Making power is what Duracell does best, and just like Marvel’s infamous adamantium clawed superhero, they’re very, very good at what they do.


  • With more built-in protection than a Hollywood actor on a day trip to Disneyland, Duracell’s power inverter won’t let any harm come to any of your equipment while it’s charging and powering it.
  • It’s a plug and play inverter that’s been designed to be easy to use and operate. Just plug it into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter (or if you’re a stickler for detail and prefer to use the proper terminology, the twelve-volt outlet) switch it on and Duracell’s power inverter will do the rest.
  • Small, light and engineered to be convenient, once you’ve changed everything that you need to and you’ve finished using it, you can easily store it in your vehicle’s glove compartment.


  • It’ll only supply one hundred and seventy-five watts of power at peak operation, so if you want an inverter to do more than charge your smart technology and run a laptop or tablet, then this isn’t the power inverter for you.

4. Bestek 200W Power Inverter

And we’re back with America’s premier power inverter brand for the next choice on our list, which given our more conservative in-car power demands, is our go-to inverter of choice. It’s dependable, reliable and most importantly, it’s also incredibly affordable.

Providing a running charge of two hundred watts, and a peak of five hundred watts when needed, this plug and play power inverter has three one hundred and ten-volt sockets and four USB ports, so can charge a mammoth seven devices at once when it’s plugged into your vehicle’s twelve volt supply.

It’s two and a half foot connecting lead means you can stow it on the back seat of your car when it’s plugged in, and as it has a low battery alarm, it’ll never pull more charge out of your car’s system than it needs to in order to run your equipment.

And if does start to do that, it’s alarm will let you know what’s happening, so you can just switch it off or unplug it.

With built-in fuse and cooling fan protection, it’ll keep itself safe and in perfect charging and running order, and, thanks to Bestek’s patented Safe Charging technology, it’ll also protect your smart technology from under and over-charge and won’t let it fall victim to any other electrical mishaps.

There’s a reason why Bestek is America’s premier power inverter brand, and this handy, easy to use two hundred watt charger is it.


  • Able to charge up to seven devices at once and run a laptop while it’s charging six of them, this Bestek power inverter is the answer to every tech-lover’s in-car charging dreams.
  • Even though it only supplies two hundred watts, when you really need it, the Bestek will boost its charge to five hundred watts, which provides an additional charging security blanket if you’re ever left facing an emergency power supply crisis.
  • It’s compact, light, and easy to operate and store. It’s a plug and play power inverter that’s been designed to cover any in-car power eventuality.
  • The two and a half foot power cable that comes with this inverter gives you a whole extra level of back-seat versatility that a lot of inverters woefully ignore. You won’t need to dedicate your passenger seat to your inverter, it can sit in the back of the car and just get on with doing what it does better than just about any other cheap power inverter. Powering and charging your electrical equipment.
  • With more built-in safety and protection features than the average family saloon, it’ll keep your car and all of your technology safe while it’s running and charging it.


  • There have been some reports of durability and reliability issues, and while they’re few and far between the fact that they exist at all and in extreme cases, this power inverter can cause fuses to blow in your car, is troubling. While we’ve never had a problem with our inverter, it’s an issue that we’re going to keep a careful eye on from now on.

5. Potek 500W Power Inverter

While we’re not familiar with most of the products that high-tech enterprise specialists Potek manufacture, we’ve been fans of their five hundred watt inverter for a while.

There’s more to inverters than the name that’s stamped on their housing, and this tried and tested unit from Potek proves that while you might not have heard of them now, once you’ve used this inverter for a couple of months, you’ll become a lifelong fan of the brand.

With two one hundred and ten-volt sockets and a single USB port, this inverter supplies a running charge of five hundred watts, but when you need a little more juice, it’ll produce a peak output of one thousand watts.

As well as running from your vehicle’s cigarette lighter, it comes with a set of alligator clamps so that when you’re parked up or camping you can hook it up to your car’s battery, so you’ll never have to be without power again.

Featuring overload, overheat, and short protection as standard, Protek’s inverter also has a handy party trick. The thirty amp fuses that it uses to ensure that no harm comes to it or your equipment are fitted externally, so if they do blow, you can just swap them out for new fuses.

Names may not matter, but functionality does, and Protek’s power inverter’s incredible performance tells you everything that you’ll ever need to know about it and the company that makes it.

Built to safely and efficiently provide all the power that you’ll ever need to draw from your vehicle, this underdog inverter is an electrical station that no vehicle can afford to be without.


  • It’s a five hundred watt inverter that, when you need it, can pump out a thousand watts of AC current to power or charge whatever you need it to.
  • Protek’s alligator clamp camping power option provides an element of versatility that the other inverters on our list lack.
  • Simple and straightforward to use, just plug it in and it’s ready to go.
  • The external fuses are a nice touch, as they’re simple to swap out if you need to. And Protek supplies two spare sets of fuses as standard with this power inverter.
  • The Protek provides a lot of inverting power at an incredibly affordable price that will ensure that your pocketbook and bank account remain healthy and happy.


  • As it’s a five hundred watt inverter, we expected it to be able to power and charge more than three devices at once. Two sockets and a single port seem a little basic and given the amount of juice it’ll supply we expected it to have a few more.
  • Some users have voiced concerns about the Protek’s durability and have reported that it’s beset by manufacturing issues that can cause it to fail when you’ll need it the most. This is worrying and a definite cause for concern, as the main things that any user demands from an inverter are dependability and endurance.

Best Cheap Power Inverter Buyer’s Guide

While all of the cheap power inverters on our list fall within a similar price bracket and budget, the main thing that you’ll need a good inverter to do is to supply a safe, stable flow of usable electricity that won’t damage your electrical devices.

It should also be adaptable and versatile and able to charge and power as many devices as possible at any given time.

That’s why the best cheap power inverter that we’d always recommend is Bestek’s two hundred watt model.

Easy to use, it’s a straightforward, secure, budget-friendly power inverter that’ll power up to seven separate electrical devices at once.

It may be cheap, but it’s reliable, dependable, and safe. Which is everything a good power inverter should be.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Power Inverter?

A power inverter, or as they’re more commonly known inverters, are devices that are used to convert DC (direct current) into AC (alternating current) that can then be used to power and charge electrical equipment.

Inverters don’t make or produce electricity, the power that they supply is provided by the DC source that they convert into an AC output.

Power inverters are commonly used in cars, RV’s and trucks and use power that is drawn directly from the vehicle’s DC supply to charge and power electrical devices like laptops and tablets.

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