Best Coffee Urns For Vans

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Last Updated on December 31, 2020

Best Coffee Urns For VansCoffee first. Schemes later. – Leanna Renee Hieber

Trying to make sense of the world without a cup of coffee in the morning is like attempting to fit a saddle on a goldfish. It’s impossible, strange, and pointless.

Like most Americans, without our first hit of java, we’re next to useless. It’s the fuel that we need to kickstart our internal engines and fire us into action every day, and the thought that we might have to skip our daily infusion of caffeine fills us with unimaginable dread.

Without a cup of coffee, we’re a spent force desperately searching for direction and purpose, and a life without coffee is, for most of us, a life without meaning.

Okay, so we’re being a little overly dramatic, but you know what it’s like when you haven’t had a cup of Joe and you’re expected to be all grown up and do things; it’s hard.

It’s the reason that we used to avoid spending weekends in our van, hitting the coast and venturing as far as the road would take us.

The thought of being miles from anywhere without coffee was just too much. At least, it used to be until we discovered portable coffee urns and makers that we could not only take with us wherever we went but would supply a constant caffeine fix wherever we needed it.

We’re guessing that you adore coffee as much as we do and either have a long trip ahead of you or are planning a vacation involving your van and are searching for a solution to the potential coffee shortages that you might end up being forced to deal with.

And that’s why we’ve made a list of the best coffee urns for vans for caffeine hounds and devotees so that you’ll never have to face the possibility of missing a cup of coffee ever again.

What are you waiting for?

It’s time to start brewing coffee in your van…


1. Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffee Maker

Ten Cup Propane Coffee Maker

Coleman is dedicated to the outdoor way of life and making the sort of equipment that’s designed to make the wilderness and all of the wild, far-flung locations that you might travel to as comfortable, and feel as much like home, as possible.

And that includes coffee machines and urns that’ll serve you up a steaming hot, freshly brewed cup of joe wherever you are.

A paradigm-altering, world-changing coffee urn, the Quikpot has been engineered and designed to let you brew coffee whether you have electricity or not. Powered by propane, this ten cup coffee maker has an instant ignition switch that makes matches obsolete.

Just push, and the Quikpot leaps into action and eighteen minutes later, you’ll have a full pot of coffee.

The PerfectFlow technology that the QuikPot uses ensures that it maintains a constant heat, so no matter how bleak things are outside of your van, your coffee will always be warm and ready to drink.

And you don’t even have to wait for the entire pot to brew before you can enjoy your first cup of coffee.

Thanks to the QuikPot’s Pause and Serve feature, as soon as the coffee hits that one cup line on the pot, you can yank it out and pour yourself a cup and it’ll keep the brewing process on hold until you return the pot and it’ll carry on dripping liquid gold until it hits the ten (or nine, as you’ve already had a cup) mug marker.


  • From start to finish, the QuiPot will brew a ten cup pot of coffee in just eighteen minutes without electricity. No, it isn’t magic, just good old fashioned American know-how and up to the minute technology working together to make delicious coffee.
  • The QuikPot will run brew and keep your coffee warm and ready to drink for up to four and a half hours on a single sixteen and half-ounce cylinder of propane.
  • PerfectFlow and Pause and Serve are ideal coffee bedfellows and they’re both comfortably enshrined in the QuikPot. They’re a van loving, coffee devotee’s dream team.
  • Like Coleman, the QuikPot doesn’t do things by half and doesn’t believe in single measures. That’s why it’s ready, willing, and able to serve ten cups of coffee at a time.


  • It’s a little bigger and bulkier than we’d like a portable coffee urn to be and you’ll have to find somewhere that’s safe and secure to stow it in your van. All of the innovation and invention that’s been crammed into the QuikPot isn’t small or light, which means that it’s large. But what ten cup coffee-maker isn’t? If you want the coffee, you’ll find the space for it. We did.
  • And the other bad news is that the propane cylinders are sold separately. They’re not hard to find or acquire, but having to make sure you have enough of them on hand to make all of the coffee that you’ll want in your van, is just another tick on a check-list that you could probably do without.

2. Wacaco Minipresso

WACACO Minipresso GR, Portable Espresso Machine, Compatible Ground Coffee, Hand Coffee Maker, Travel Gadgets, Manually Operated, Perfect for Camping, Hiking

Even though they’ve been around for less than a decade, Wacaco has already forged an ironclad reputation among the coffee faithful who like to brew on the go and love nothing more than getting a caffeine hit while they are miles from anywhere and in the middle of nowhere.

They made their name with the Minipresso, and it’s been a favorite coffee urn among the hidden and secretive upper echelons of java lovers everywhere since it first appeared.

Compact, versatile, and light, the Minpresso doesn’t need batteries or electricity to work, you just need some boiling water and your choice of coffee.

You simply add the coffee to one end, pour the boiling water in the chamber, and then use the Minipresso’s pump to infuse both to make a delicious, ready to drink cup of coffee with the smallest handheld espresso maker in the world.

You don’t have to be Hercules to brew the Wacaco way, you just have to love coffee as much as they do.

Built to be portable, easy to use, and simple to clean, the Wacaco has been designed to go anywhere and not take up any of your van’s valuable space that you’ll need for storage.

The fusion of a desire to never be without coffee and ingenuity has created a coffee urn that will happily travel to the ends of the earth with you and your van.


  • It’s small, light, and durable and made to take all of the beatings that it will undoubtedly receive as a constant companion and passenger in your van.
  • It doesn’t need an electrical supply or batteries to brew. All it requires is coffee, hot water, and a little bit of pumping action.


  • There’s more than a few disgruntled devotees of the bean who claim that the Minpresso is nowhere near as tough and hardy as Wacaco says that it is. Their issues mainly seem to be centered around the pump’s tendency to fail and pressurization problems that stop the Minipresso dead in its coffee-making tracks.
  • It’s also a little too small for our liking. The cup that it uses is more like a half-cup, which would be fine if we were making coffee for a G.I. Joe, but we’re not. We’re adults and we like a grown-up sized cup of coffee and don’t look favorably on the tiny serving that the Minpresso provides.
WACACO Minipresso GR, Portable Espresso Machine, Compatible Ground Coffee, Hand Coffee Maker, Travel Gadgets, Manually Operated, Perfect for Camping, Hiking
  • Manual operation only! No battery/electricity need. Compact, lightweight and versatile, you may use any variety of coffee bean/roast, which will give you more flexibility in trying new flavors.
  • Need to add the boiling water. It can not heat up water. Minipresso GR is your best choice to enjoy up to 50 ml of authentic espresso at home, in the office and on the go.
  • Simple to operate! Add ground coffee to the filter basket with the help of the integrated scoop. Apply slight pressure to level the grind. Add hot water into the water tank. Finally unlock from its travel position the piston and pump a few strokes to pressurize and extract perfect espresso with generous crema.
  • If you have any problem with our products or need help, please feel free to contact us through Amazon. We will respond you in time and give you a satisfactory solution.
  • Note: Accessories are sold separately! Enhance your Minipresso to get the most from it. Enjoy longer espresso, up to 100ml, and protect it from scratches. You can purchase accessories separately from our store.

3. Hamilton Beach Single Serve

Hamilton Beach has a long history of creating thoughtfully designed products that are designed to make everyone’s life easier.

With more than a century of experience and knowledge in their back pocket, they’ve been crafting the coffee urns that have kept America on the go longer than we’ve been alive, so the fact that one of the best van based coffee urns we’ve ever stumbled across bears their brand name wasn’t exactly a surprise.

A single scoop of coffee, one cup java making monster, Hamilton Beach’s machine will brew a standard eight-ounce mug of coffee in around ninety seconds and a fourteen-ounce travel cup in just under two and half minutes.

Fully adjustable to accommodate both size cups, it’s been engineered to serve your coffee just the way you want, and like, it.

It’s a simple plug and play and load and go coffee urn that’s made to be convenient and easy to use whenever you feel the need for legal speed and need an extra jolt to get your system back online.

Tough, durable, and built to be as pretty as it is functional, it’s a good-looking machine that’ll help you to make the most of the space that you have in your van and will always be on hand to deliver cup after tasty cup of fresh coffee.

There’s a reason that Hamilton Beach has been around for more than a century, and when you’ve tried a mug of coffee that’s been brewed by this one-cup machine while you’re sat in the driving seat of your van, you’ll understand why.

It’s because they’re among the best at what they do.


  • It’s a single scoop coffee machine that makes a single cup of coffee in less time than it takes your van’s heater to crank up to full power. Switch it on and two and half minutes later, you’ll have fourteen ounces of coffee. The eight-ounce option is nice, but who wants eight when you can have fourteen?
  • Devastatingly easy to use and clean, the Hamilton Beach is also tough, durable, and is designed to withstand the coffee making demands that even the most devoted caffeine zealot. And it looks good too.


  • It’s one cup coffee urn that’ll just make a single serving. While that might be enough for some people, it won’t be enough for most. If you want more than one mug, you’ll have to brew more, which isn’t difficult, but depending on the amount of coffee you drink, could end up being a little wearisome and annoying.

4. Makita Coffee Maker

MAKITA Rechargeable Coffee Maker CM501DZ (Blue)【Japan Domestic genuine products】 【Ships from JAPAN】

The last name that probably springs to mind when you’re thinking about coffee urns is Japanese tool firm Makita but bear with us because this machine is the perfect java maker for all of your van based adventures. There’s more to Makita than cordless drills and jackhammers.

Primarily designed to be used by working men and women who don’t have any access to electricity during their nine to five daily lives, this battery-operated coffee maker is an ideal way to brew up all of the coffee you’ll ever need when you’re on the open road.

A single cup coffee urn that’s innovative and simple and straightforward to use, just load it with coffee and water, switch it on and it’ll do the rest.

Able to use a veritable host of different sized, rechargeable lithium batteries, Makita has transformed the world of on the go coffee making by using an age-old idea to plug the gap created by a twenty-first-century problem.

It may sound strange and more than a little crazy to look to a toolmaker for a coffee urn, but this portable brewing phenomenon from Japan could have been purpose-designed for van centric coffee making.

It even has its own carrying handle to make it easier to move around. It isn’t just clever, it’s absolutely brilliant.


  • A battery-powered coffee machine? That’s the sort of left-field idea that could turn the world of outdoor java brewing upside down and completely revolutionize it. And when it does, which it will, you’ll be glad that you were a part of that revolution before everyone else decided to jump on the bandwagon.


  • Due to the fact that it’s imported directly from Japan, the instruction booklet is in Japanese, so you’ll have to figure out how to operate it yourself. But, as it’s a plug and play coffee urn, you won’t need a degree in astrophysics to make it work.
  • The real kick in the pants though is the fact that you’ll have to pay extra for the batteries and the charger that you need to keep them juiced up and ready to go. And, just like the coffee urn, they have to be imported from Japan too and they’re not what anyone in their right mind would call cheap. It may be clever and convenient, but the Makita is also incredibly expensive.

5. Black+Decker 12-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker

BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker, Black/Silver, CM2035B

Another tool manufacturer on a coffee urn list? Surely there must be some mistake?

No, there’s no mistake, and while they’re infinitely more famous for designing belt sanders and nail-guns, this Maryland purveyor of industrial appliances isn’t a slouch when it comes to designing efficient coffee making machines that’ll satisfy the caffeine requirements of even the most ardent java fiends.

A mammoth twelve cups making machine, this brewing titan uses a thermally insulated, double-walled urn to keep your coffee hot and ready to drink whenever you want it.

And it doesn’t matter how strong or weak you want your coffee to be, with this coffee maker, you adjust the brew strength so you can have diner-style coffee or cop friendly, rocket fuel, and every stage in between.

With Black+Decker you won’t be a slave to the system and the way it wants you to drink your coffee, you’ll be able to get your caffeine fix the way you want it, whenever you want it.

There are few coffee machines that are as functional or as van friendly as this Black+Decker machine is.

It’s been designed with efficacy in mind and engineered so that you can get the maximum amount of flavor out of every drop of coffee that it makes.

And it’ll also look great in your van, as there isn’t a motor head alive who doesn’t respect the Black+Decker logo.


  • It doesn’t matter how devoted you are to the bean, there isn’t a coffee lover out there who won’t be satiated by the twelve cups this machine can make.
  • We’re big fans of the carafe that this brewing behemoth uses. It’ll keep all twelve cups of the coffee that the machine makes deliciously warm and ready to go without any mechanical aid or assistance. Once it’s brewed, you can carry your coffee with you wherever you want to go and it’ll stay as hot as it was the moment it was made.


  • It’s a twelve cup coffee urn, so it isn’t small. It is, truth be told, quite big and you’ll need plenty of room in your van to store it securely. The age-old van coffee dilemma rears its ugly head once again to wreak havoc on your plans with space requirements. The more coffee you want, the more room you’ll need to house your machine.
BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker, Black/Silver, CM2035B
  • 12-Cup* Thermal Carafe - The large capacity carafe is double-walled and vacuum-sealed to keep your coffee at optimal drinking temperature for hours
  • Customizable Brewing Options - Drink your favorite coffee every morning using features like the brew strength selector and the option for small-batch (1-4 cup*) brewing that maintains all the flavor of a full brew
  • Evenstream Showerhead - The Evenstream Showerhead dispenses water evenly over the packed coffee, extracting maximum flavor and wasting less
  • No-Drip Perfect Pour Spout - Don’t put up with annoying spills, the carafe spout is designed to prevent spills and drips while pouring
  • Wide-Mouth Carafe Opening - The carafe is designed with a wide opening for fast, easy cleanup with a damp towel. The washable brew basket can easily be removed and washed after brewing, and is top rack dishwasher safe

Best Coffee Urns For Vans Buyer’s Guide

Which Coffee Urn Should I Get For My Van?

The first question you need to ask yourself about coffee making in your van, is are you set up to power a coffee urn or maker that needs electricity to run?

If you do have a generator and a thirst for caffeine, then we’d always recommend that you install the Black+Decker in your van, as it’s packed with all of the technology that a rabid coffee fiend needs and it’ll make all the java that you’ll ever need it to.

However, if you’re more of a traditionalist and believe in doing things the old school way, then the only coffee urn that you’ll ever need for your van is the Coleman propane fuelled QuikPot.

It’s the urn that we use and it has never, no do we think it ever will, let our coffee-loving souls down.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Coffee Urn?

A coffee urn is a pot that is used to make coffee. Most modern urns come as part of a coffee making machine, which in conjunction with the coffee maker, are designed to make and keep coffee hot until you’re ready to drink it.

While some coffee devotees argue that there is a world of difference between traditional coffee urns and coffee makers, the lines that separate and differentiate the two have become incredibly blurred in the last decade.

Both are now synonymous with each other, as they’re designed and made to do, and do exactly the same thing. Make delicious, freshly brewed coffee.

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