Best In Dash Receiver

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Last Updated on December 31, 2020

Best in dash receiver

Nowadays, cars are equipped with all of the latest technologies to offer comfort and convenience on the go.

You can also add extra features, to choose the tech you want to have in your vehicle, be it a short or long trip.

If you’ve ever driven a long distance with kids in the car, you’ll know that having entertainment features is an absolute must.

In-dash receivers are one of the best things you can install in your car, as they are multipurpose and will instantly upgrade your car experience.

Used for watching different multimedia content, as an audio stereo, and even as a navigation system so you never get lost while on the go!

A lot of in-dash receivers can also support USB connections or DVD’s so that the passengers are kept quiet and entertained with a good movie!

There are many different types of in-dash receivers, with plenty of options available in the market at an increasingly accessible price.

Although most receivers might look like they offer the same features, there are different physical features and connectivities, as well as different capabilities.

And on top of that, different in-dash receivers will offer different levels of video and audio quality! It’s worth finding the best possible product, as you’ll be giving it plenty of use as you drive!

To help you out, we’ve done the research and we’ve compiled a list with our top five picks for the overall best in-dash receivers!

In a hurry?

In-dash receivers are a great way to provide for all the basic technological needs of car navigation, as well as offering a range of multimedia features such as DVD’s, stereo audio, and more.

They instantly upgrade your car to the next level, while being very useful for both driving, and keeping the passengers entertained.

If you’re in a hurry to get the best possible in-dash receiver, we recommend you check out our top number one pick: the ATOTO Store A6 Double Din Car Navigation Stereo.

The ATOTO brand is very well-known and is one of the leaders for android car entertainment and car accessories.

This product, in particular, is an excellent choice that is backed by the many positive reviews and ratings that place it at the top of our list. Developed from widely used Android Marshmallow OS, it is ideal for cars.

The display screen measures 7 inches, and it is easy to use with intuitive buttons, a touchscreen, and a microphone.

It connects both to Android and iOS, thanks to the USB, Wi-Fi, and Air-Play features. It has Dual Bluetooth and an advanced microphone system, as well as coming with an AM/FM radio tuner.

Navigation is easy, both online and offline, thanks to the built-in GPS system and the pre-installed Google Maps App.

This product also features a Factory Steering Wheel key Control and a Quick Booting that allows you to access the system two seconds after the car has been started.

With it being one of the most compatible options in the market, it is ideal for almost any car is a guaranteed high-quality choice.

Here are the main features:

  • Highly compatible
  • Developed from a widely used Android Marshmallow OS
  • The display screen is 7 inches
  • Connectivity to both Android and iOS
  • Dual Bluetooth, radio tuner, GPS navigation, and Google Maps
  • Factory Steering Wheel Key Control and Quick Booting feature

1. ATOTO Store A6 Double Din Car Navigation Stereo 

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  • Battery powered.
  • Cyclonic action protects the filtration system.
  • Lightweight at only 2.6lbs.
  • Can last 18 months when off the charger. 


  • No HEPA filtration

2. Pioneer Store In-Dash DVD Receiver 


The Pioneer Store In-Dash DVD Receiver is another excellent option, with more than enough features to upgrade your car to the next level and provide plenty of entertainment!

With a display screen of 6.2 inches, the touchscreen has enhanced touch sensitivity and brighter, more vibrant, colors.

It has built-in Bluetooth that can support two phones at once so that you can multitask. It also has built-in iPod, iPhone, and iPad control (optional adaptor required for the video content viewing).

However, it can also connect to Android Smartphones. This product also has a DVD and CD receiver, so that you can watch all of your favorite movies on the go or listen to your favorite music!

It also has audio recognition so that you can manage the in-dash receiver completely hands-free and safely. There is also a Spotify Control App, usable with both Android and iOS!

You can also easily switch into navigation mode to use the built-in navigation system, without having to stop the rest of the features from running in the background, as you can then switch back and forth between them! 


  • Enhanced touch sensitivity for display screen
  • Built-in Bluetooth that can support 2 phones at once
  • Built-in iPod, iPhone, and iPad control
  • DVD and CD receiver
  • Built-in Navigation System


  • The button layout isn’t well-liked

3. Hikity Store Double Din In-Dash Receiver

If you’re looking for a smaller In-Dash Receiver full of practical features as well as entertainment aspects, the Hikity Store Double Din In-Dash Receiver is a great choice for you.

Apart from FM radio, it has a really good Bluetooth system to take care of all of the multimedia needed.

With the Wi-Fi connection, it can support many different apps, and it is very easy to add or delete according to your preferences, supporting both Android and iOS.

The GPS Navigation System is ideal for helping you find your way no matter where you are, and it even comes with a pre-downloaded offline map of North America that you can use!

It has a mirror link, for both your Android or iOS smartphone, which can come in very handy.

The product also features Original Steering Wheel Control, and it comes with a reversing video input to help you park, with a waterproof night vision camera included.

All of the practical features help you while driving and using the car, and all of the multimedia features are covered by the great connectivity and compatibility that allows for plenty of apps! 


  • Highly practical and efficient choice
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth system
  • Easy to download or delete apps – both Android and iOS
  • GPS Navigation System with pre-downloaded offline North America map
  • Original Steering Wheel Control and reversing video input


  • No DVD or CD

4. Minye Double Din In-Dash Car Receiver 

The Minye Double Din In-Dash Car Receiver is a highly popular choice amongst customers, thanks to its many high-quality features and compatibility.

The 7-inch display screen is an LCD touch screen with upgraded and enhanced high-resolution and brightness.

It has a dual-channel Bluetooth System that has been specifically designed to be stable, ensuring no interruptions while your devices are in use.

Audio recognition allows you to manage the receiver completely hands-free, which is a lot safer while driving.

Although it doesn’t come with its own GPS Navigation System, the mirror link feature allows you to use your phone’s navigation through the car, and it is compatible with both Android and iOS.

What’s really practical is that it features a Reversing Image Function that comes with a unique 12LED Wick reversing camera, for a clearer and safer night vision that helps you reverse and park the car, struggle-free.

This In-Dash Receiver is also compatible with Original Steering Wheel Controls, for convenience and comfort while in use. 


  • 7-inch display screen with enhanced resolution and brightness
  • Dual-channel Bluetooth System
  • Hands-Free audio recognition
  • Mirror link compatible with Android and iOS
  • Reversing Image Function with 12LED wick reversing camera


  • No DVD or CD
  • No in-built Navigation System

5. ATOTO In-Dash Double Din Receiver 

Another amazingly high-quality product by the ATOTO brand, this In-Dash Double Din Receiver is highly reliable with all of the necessary features to ensure in-car entertainment and vehicle bonuses.

The 7-inch display screen is HD and touchscreen. You can use both Android and iOS for any and all of the features interchangeably, which is ideal if you have family members using different smartphone systems.

You can integrate all of your smartphone’s features to the receiver by connecting it via USB or Bluetooth.

Once your phone is connected, the In-Dash Receiver will automatically detect the operating system and adjust accordingly, so that you can automatically use either Siri or Google Assistant for audio-recognition and a hands-free usage of the different features.

With a rear camera input, the image gets displayed as soon as the car switches into reverse, so you automatically have a good vision that helps you reverse and park your car, even during night time.

The Built-in video output feature means that you can connect up to two other monitors to the receiver, which can be positioned in the back seats of the car so that the passengers have a better vision of the multimedia that is being displayed. 


  • Highly compatible installation
  • 7-inch display screen HD
  • Interchangeable compatibility with Android and iOS, the operating system automatically identified
  • USB and Bluetooth connection – Siri and Google Assistant compatible
  • Rear camera input and built-in video output


  • No DVD or CD

Best In Dash Receiver Buyers Guide

Most modern cars now come pre-equipped with in-dash receivers, but if they don’t, you can choose one and get it installed.

They are very practical for many different vehicle features, such as navigation or rear camera image to help you when in reverse or parking.

They also feature plenty of multimedia features to keep the passengers of the car more than entertained, with connectivity options that are compatible with most smartphones, so you can use them through the car.

Some in-dash receivers also feature DVD and CD, so that you can play your favorite movies and music while on the go.

However, more and more receivers are switching to just USB and Bluetooth, as DVD’s and CD’s are becoming less and less common.

With all the many different types of in-dash receivers, it’s important that you pay attention to the different factors you should consider before making a purchase, making sure you’re getting the best possible product for your money that suits your needs and preferences.

To help you get familiarized with the basics and some of the features you should look out for, we’ve compiled this small buyer’s guide:

DVD and CD

Some in-dash receivers are compatible with DVD and CD, which allows you to use all of your favorite bought movies and music albums in the car.

Unfortunately, this is becoming less and less common, as more and more systems are switching to just USB and Bluetooth connectivity.

If you still have a good collection of DVD and CD items, then we recommend you try and find a receiver that can support them. Otherwise, you will have to get with the times and make the switch to USB only. 

Display Screen and Resolution

Most in-dash receivers have a display screen of 7 inches, which is a good size. It’s important to consider the resolution and brightness that the screen offers, as it will determine the visual quality of the screen.

Both audio and video quality is improving year by year at a very fast pace, so you should aim to get the best possible resolution and look out for HD and enhanced brightness.

Smartphone Compatibility

One of the reasons why in-dash receivers are so convenient and useful is that you can connect them to your smartphone to use the different apps and features through the car, including the phone and music apps.

The smartphone can connect through either USB or Bluetooth, but it’s important to make sure that the receiver is compatible with the operating system of your phone. 

Most receivers can support both Android and iOS, and some can even detect them automatically which makes it a lot easier to use when you’re switching between one or the other often. 

Navigation System

A built-in GPS Navigation System is one of the most useful features a car can have, especially if you’re keen on driving around to different locations or traveling.

Some in-dash receivers come with a GPS Navigation System, and some even include some pre-downloaded maps to use offline! 

If the receiver doesn’t feature a navigation system, you can still use your smartphone’s Google Maps app through it by connecting it via USB or Bluetooth, but it might not work when the phone is offline or without a signal. 

Other features

You should read the product descriptions carefully to be aware of the number of different features that each receiver comes with.

The more the better! (Unless you want a simpler more practical receiver, of course.) 

Another feature that many receivers feature that comes in very handy is the Rear camera input that allows you to see an image of what’s behind the car anytime you go into reverse.

This helps you park the car and can become extremely useful during night time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the car navigation system require the internet?

The Global Positioning System, known as the GPS works through satellite signals.

It is free and available anywhere on Earth, which is why it does not require any internet connection to be used.

If your car has a GPS system in-built, it can work without an internet connection. 

Does Google Maps work if my phone has no service?

If you are using your phone’s Google Maps through your car in-dash receiver, the moment it crashes on your phone it will crash for the car.

If the phone has no service, google maps won’t work as it uses an internet connection. 

However, if you’ve pre-downloaded maps from Google Maps, they can be used for navigation purposes even when off-line or without signal, so it is recommended that you do this for longer journeys or remote locations. 

What is the difference between a car stereo and a receiver?

A car stereo is a sound system installed into a vehicle, which includes the head unit and whatever speakers are connected to it around the car.

A receiver, on the other hand, is a specific type of head unit that has a built-in amplifier for the sound. 

What is the difference between a single DIN and a double DIN?

The DIN refers to the size opening that the in-dash receiver fits into.

A single DIN is usually around 7×2 inches big, while the double DIN doubles the single in height, by being around 7×4 inches big.

A double-DIN will often have a lot more smart and technological features, making it a more advanced and popular choice. 

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