Best Propane Refrigerator

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Last Updated on December 31, 2020

Best Propane Refrigerator

A propane refrigerator provides a convenient alternative to using an electrically powered appliance.

They are great for use in a variety of situations. As they don’t depend on electricity, they are great for use in the home or as a portable option for use on the go.

A propane refrigerator utilizes a chemical reaction which in return works to ensure that the contents of the appliance remain cooled.

They are commonly sought after due to their lighter propane generators along with their excellent performance and long life span. 

There are many propane refrigerators available, each boasting features that differ slightly between the brand and model.

For this reason, you may find a particular type of propane generator to be better suited to your needs than another.

We have selected and reviewed our top five picks of the best options available.

Below, we have also included a handy buyers guide where we have outlined our top tips for selecting the best appliance.


1. SMETA Propane Refrigerator with Freezer

SMETA Propane Refrigerator with Freezer 3-ways Camper Fridge Outdoor Refrigerator for Patio 12V/110V/Gas LPG, No Noise, Fridge for RV Garage, Single Door, 3.5 Cu.Ft, White

The SMETA Propane Refrigerator provides a compact option that measures a total of 20.6″ x 23.2″ x 32.2″ with a refrigerator section measuring 3 cubic feet and a freezer section measuring 0.4 cubic feet.

Although on the smaller side, it has a spacious capacity that is likely to cater to the needs of an individual. It is also available in a larger size if this would cater to your needs better.

This appliance can be powered in three different ways. While propane may be the preferred option to some, others may wish to power it through the AC and DC ports. Thanks to its versatility it can be used inside dorms, campers, and RVs. 

The interior of the refrigerator boasts an impressive storage capacity. The door features multiple storage compartments for holding all of your drinks and condiments. The main body has a drawer and three shelves as well as a small freezer section. 

Operation is easy and you can monitor the functioning of this refrigerator thanks to the flame indicator and gas/electric thermostat. When in use, it produces a minimal amount of noise that is unlikely to be disturbing.


  • It is very versatile and can be powered by propane or an AC/DC power outlet. 
  • It is compact and lightweight; ideal for use in RVs and campers, etc.
  • It has many storage compartments to cater to your needs.
  • It is easy to operate.
  • It is a convenient size for fitting into confined spaces.


  • The exterior quality of this refrigerator could be improved as some customers commented on denting.
SMETA Propane Refrigerator with Freezer 3-ways Camper Fridge Outdoor Refrigerator for Patio 12V/110V/Gas LPG, No Noise, Fridge for RV Garage, Single Door, 3.5 Cu.Ft, White
  • Propane refrigerator with freezer electric absorption. Approximate gas consumption per day: 0.6 lb
  • 3-WAY Powered: Propane(LPG)/ AC110v/DC12v, ideal for off-grid, outdoors dorms, camping, RVs, motorhome, garages
  • Product dimensions (W*D*H): 20.6*23.2*32.2inch, 3.0 cu ft refrigerator and 0.4 cu ft freezer, provide enough food for family traveling.
  • Large storage areas with slide-out storage shelves and clear plastic crisper drawer;Flip up bottom shelf holds a 1-gallon jug and door bin storage holds 1/2 gallon bottles
  • No noise and easy to operate: piezo ignition, flame indicator, gas/electric thermostat, regulator valve

2. Smad Small Propane Refrigerator

Smad Propane Refrigerator 3 Way Propane Fridge for RV Outdoor Camper Gas 110V 12V,1.4 Cu.ft, Black

If you are looking for a small refrigerator that can fit into a compact space, look no further than the Smad Small Propane Refrigerator. Just like our previous pick, it can be powered in one of three ways.

You are not solely restricted to using propane as it can be powered by electricity thanks to its 110 v and 12V connections.

For those who are unfamiliar with previous use of a propane generator, the controls are clearly displayed along with the flame indicator. The cooling system also ensures that it remains quiet when operating.

For many, a loud refrigerator is likely to prove distracting.

Measuring 15.75″ x 17.71″ x 25.2″, it is an ideal choice for fitting into confined spaces.

Thanks to this compact design it is a convenient portable option or it is likely to be sufficient in catering to the needs of an individual. 

Inside the refrigerator, you are provided with a generous amount of storage.

The door is designed with 2 generously sized storage shelves to house all of your beverages and condiments. The main body of the refrigerator has three shelves that are conveniently spaced for storing all of your foods. 


  • This refrigerator is covered by a 1 year warranty should you experience any issues.
  • It can be powered in three different ways; propane or electricity.
  • It is affordably priced and a good value option for those on a budget.
  • It is lightweight and weighs a minimal 36.9 pounds.
  • It is quiet when functioning producing only 30dB of sound.


  • Unfortunately, the battery is prone to draining quickly. 
Smad Propane Refrigerator 3 Way Propane Fridge for RV Outdoor Camper Gas 110V 12V,1.4 Cu.ft, Black
  • 3 WAY REFRIGERATOR & FLAME INDICATOR - LPG, 110V & 12V 3 powers working. Easy connection of gas power, 3/8" Male flare
  • REVERSIBLE DOOR & REMOVABLE SHELVES - Features a reversible door hinge that allows you to open the door from left side and right side. Removable shelves help you stay organized in busy days
  • NO NOISE & GREEN - No-Freon absorption cooling system, runs at 0 db silence and makes no pollution, perfect for light sleepers or home with kids or the elders
  • Measuring 15.75*17.71*25.2 inch, very compact mini propane fridge that is perfect for small space, perfect Christmas gift for the one you love
  • Reading the user manual is essential. Come with a free pressure regulator. We stand behind our products and pride ourselves with exceptional customer service care. You enjoy a 1-YEAR WARRANTY and just feel free to contact us via Amazon anytime in need

3. Superior Propane LP Gas Off-Grid Refrigerator

Superior Propane LP Gas Off-Grid Refrigerator 10 Cu Ft 2-Way (LP/110V)

Larger in size than our previous picks, the Superior Propane Off-Grid Refrigerator measures 64″ x 24″ x 29″ and is 10 cubic feet.

It offers a generous amount of storage space with the door of both the refrigerator and freezer featuring storage compartments for beverages and condiments etc.

Although the freezer is a little small, the refrigerator is bigger and has multiple shelves along with a vegetable container.

If needed the shelves can be removed and repositioned at your preferred height.

Not only can this refrigerator be powered by propane, but it can be powered by electricity through the 110 V outlet too. Should you opt for the gas option, you should expect the refrigerator to consume around 0.35 gallons of propane a day.

A great thing about this refrigerator is that each of the controls are clearly displayed. For those who are unfamiliar with using an appliance of this kind, this ensures that each of the controls are easily identifiable for ease of use. 

This refrigerator boasts many design elements that make it particularly versatile.

Thanks to the reversible doors the refrigerator can be accessed from both angles and this is ideal for those who store their refrigerator in a confined space. Along the bottom, you will also find leveling legs that ensure the refrigerator remains securely positioned.


  • This refrigerator is generously sized and an ideal option for storing a large volume of food.
  • The reversible doors make it convenient to access when stored in tighter areas.
  • It boasts many storage compartments to house all of your food and condiments.
  • Each of the controls can be easily identified.
  • The shelves are removable to cater to the heights of different foods.


  • This refrigerator retails within an expensive price range that may be unsuitable for those on budgets.
Superior Propane LP Gas Off-Grid Refrigerator 10 Cu Ft 2-Way (LP/110V)
  • 10 Cubic Foot Refrigerator 2-Way (LP/110V)
  • Exterior Dimensions: 64" H x 24" W x 29" D
  • Interior Dimensions: Refrigerator: 36.5" H x 19.5" W x 19" D - Freezer: 13" H x 17" W x 15" D
  • Gas Connection: 3/8" Male Flare - Fuel Consumption: 0.35 Gallons Per Day
  • Ships by Freight Truck - Commercial Shipping Address Required For Free Delivery

4. SMETA 3 Way Propane Refrigerator

SMETA 3 Way Fridge Propane Refrigerator Gas Fridge 12v Compact without Freezer Gas/12V/110V for RV Truck Outdoor Camping Off Grid Caravan Motorhome Cabin Boat Fridge 2.1 Cu.Ft, Black

The SMETA 3 Way propane refrigerator can be powered in one of the three following ways. If you wish to opt for an alternative to propane, it can be powered via the 110 AC or 12V DC outlets. This makes it great for use in different settings.

Measuring 2.1 cubic feet and weighing a minimal 48 lbs this refrigerator is an excellent choice for catering to individual needs and it can also be easily transported thanks to its compact design.

In regards to gas consumption, this refrigerator is expected to consume around 0.4ib over 24 hours. When used with a 20ib propane tank it is likely to last you for around 4 to 7 weeks, so you are unlikely to be purchasing propane regularly. It also has a temperature range of 32℉~50℉. 

In terms of storage capacity, the body of this refrigerator has three shelves that can be moved and fitted at the height which you require. The door also has two shelving compartments, one which is suitable for holding larger beverages and the other which is intended for holding drinks and smaller condiments.


  • The reversible door allows you to access the refrigerator easily regardless of how it is stored. 
  • The indicators are clearly displayed for ease of use.
  • Its compact size makes it suitable for use in RVs, homes, dorms, etc.
  • It consumes a minimal amount of gas daily.
  • It operates quietly so as not to disturb those in the surrounding environment.


  • Some customers have reported issues with fluctuating temperature which could become problematic.
SMETA 3 Way Fridge Propane Refrigerator Gas Fridge 12v Compact without Freezer Gas/12V/110V for RV Truck Outdoor Camping Off Grid Caravan Motorhome Cabin Boat Fridge 2.1 Cu.Ft, Black
  • Propane Refrigerator Fridge: 2.1 Cu.Ft Propane camper refrigerator works on 12V, 110V or LPG, widely used for different scenes. You could enjoy the automotive, off-grid camping, off-solar, vehicle, apartment, villa, home, hotel, bar, car, truck, caravan, cabin, village, cottage, RV Campervan, Motorhome, hunting and fishing thanks to gas refrigeration.
  • Compact RV Refrigerator: The design of the reversible door allows your refrigerator to have more choices in the direction of door opening. Dimensions 18*18.7*27.1 inches. The top of the refrigerator is equipped with a multi-function control panel, which can set the working mode with one key, and operate the gas/AC, DC operating knobs separately to control the temperature within 32~50 ℉. (New item mixed, please contact customer service).
  • Approximate gas consumption per day: 0.3 lb LPG/Propane; 2.1cu.ft large space with compact size easy to carry on the way, equipped with 2 adjustable shelves; The drawer on the inside of the fridge door comes with 8 mini fixed baffles and 1 protection frame to prevent drinks from falling during movement.
  • Temperature range 32℉~50℉ without freezer; Gas absorption refrigerators, perfectly silent 0DB advanced absorption refrigeration system, not a compressor refrigerator, no noise, no vibration, no Freon, no pollution environmentally.
  • Reliable Material & 1-year Service: Reversible door. Refrigerator door adopts an anti-corrosive stainless steel design, which can maintain a strong and noble appearance even after many years of use. Delivery time: within 1 week after order to most areas. If you have any questions about the propane refrigerator, pls contact us.

5. Smad 3 Way Propane Refrigerator

For those looking for a convenient option that is compact and lightweight, ideal for use in motorhomes and caravans, etc, the Smad 3 way Propane Refrigerator is a worthy contender.

Just like our previous picks, it can be powered in three ways via propane, 110V, or 12 V. This allows you to select the best power option for your circumstances.

This refrigerator measures 2.1 cubic feet, with the interior capacity to cater to the needs of individuals or those who require minimal food storage. Thanks to its minimal size, it is a great portable option that can easily be transported between locations when necessary. 

When in use, this refrigerator claims to make no noise which is excellent for environments where loud sounds are likely to prove distracting.

The exterior of this product has been constructed using scratch-resistant materials that are likely to resist daily wear well.

Storage-wise, this refrigerator has three shelves in the main body that can be removed and reinserted to the level that you require.

The door also has two shelf compartments that are different in size to accommodate varying sized condiments and beverages.


  • The control panel clearly displays the functions for ease of use.
  • It is a compact and lightweight option for easy portability.
  • It can be powered in one of three ways depending on your preference.
  • It doesn’t produce any noise when functioning.
  • The shelves are removable so you can position them at the required height.


  • The exterior quality of this refrigerator could be improved for enhanced longevity.

Best Propane Refrigerator Buyer’s Guide

There are many factors to consider before investing in a propane refrigerator. Your purchase is going to depend on the environment in which your propane refrigerator is going to be used and the space is required.

Below, we have identified our top tips for buying the right propane refrigerator for your needs.

The Size of the Refrigerator

It is important to consider the size of the refrigerator that you require.

Regardless of whether your refrigerator is full or at half capacity, it is going to require the same amount of propane to function.

If you have a smaller area to fill or you are looking for a refrigerator that can accompany you in your RV for vacations, you are likely to opt for a smaller refrigerator.

For those who aren’t limited on available space or have a larger family to cater to, a larger refrigerator is going to be a viable option. A smaller refrigerator is likely to result in reduced costs and lower propane consumption.

The Propane Consumption

The amount of propane that is consumed by your refrigerator is going to be determined by the size. Of course, a larger refrigerator is going to consume much more fuel than one that is intended for use inside dorms, etc.

It is important to ensure that you select the right sized refrigerator for your needs, you don’t want to find yourself filling up the fuel tank regularly throughout the day as this is likely to provide greater inconvenience.

The Build Quality

The build quality is going to be influential in determining the durability of your refrigerator.

While this can be a difficult factor to determine when viewing the refrigerator online, there can be some indicators that allow you to develop an overview in regards to this issue.

The most prominent being the material used to construct your propane refrigerator. Those that are made from poor quality materials are likely to deteriorate more immediately than those made from high-quality materials.

It is also necessary to consider the quality of the storage compartments and the shelving sections etc.

The Storage Compartments

Cubic feet is the measurement that is used to determine the capacity of your refrigerator.

This measurement refers to the storage space inside the refrigerator. Understanding the cubic measurement will provide you with a clearer understanding of the available capacity.

It is important to ensure that you select the refrigerator that is going to cater to your needs. Also, consider the storage compartments such as the shelving, etc, as this will inform you as to how many beverages and condiments you can store.

Preferably the shelves will be removable as this allows you to customize the layout of the refrigerator to accommodate the heights of different foods. Some will also come with a drawer that can store your fruit and vegetables etc. 

The Features

This is a factor that can make it easier to differentiate between each model.

While you may approach the market with the intention to purchase a standard propane refrigerator, your search is likely to lead you to the understanding that many boast additional features, particularly the case with newer models.

Some are programmable, while others feature dual cooling programs that separate the freezer and refrigerator air. A popular feature is the addition of reversible doors.

This allows you to place your refrigerator in confined areas without having to worry about restricted access. Many will function on multiple power options so you can choose between propane and electric. 

The Performance

While it is easy to place emphasis on the appearance of the refrigerator, it is also important to consider the quality of the performance.

Your refrigerator should be made to a high standard as this will ensure that it is going to deliver long-lasting use. 

The Set-Up

You will find some refrigerators that come with the refrigerator alone and others that come with a freezer compartment too.

It is important to consider the style of appliance that you require to ensure that it is suitable for their needs.

It is necessary to expect the freezer compartment to be smaller in size with many models and so it may not have the capacity to store a large volume of food.

The Controls

You will find that many propane refrigerators have controls that are visibly displayed on the body.

This often includes the power setting, the temperature level, and the intensity at which the refrigerator is operating at.

The controls serve particular importance for those who are unfamiliar with using an appliance of this kind by allowing for easy use.

Many of these controls are presented in the form of dials which allow you to alter them when required. 

The Cost

The cost of propane refrigerators can differ depending on the model. Of course, those that are smaller are going to be cheaper than their larger counterparts.

It is worth having a budget in mind so that you can cater your search towards this.

When determining a budget, it is necessary to consider various factors such as the performance, the size, the build quality, and the storage capacity.

The Warranty

Ideally, when browsing the selection of products available, you should opt for one that is covered by a warranty.

This ensures that you are covered should you experience any issues with the functioning of your refrigerator.

The length of the warranty is often a reflection of the brand’s confidence in the quality of the product. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Propane Refrigerator Efficient?

Yes, propane refrigerators are very efficient.

Of course, this is likely to differ depending on the model, however, there are steps that you can take to increase the efficiency of your refrigerator too. 

How Long Does it Take for a Propane Refrigerator to get Cold?

You should expect it to take around 24 hours for your propane refrigerator to cool down completely.

Before you intend to use your refrigerator you should turn it on roughly 24 hours beforehand as this provides sufficient time for it to get cold.

This time may differ slightly depending on the model but 24 hours should be allowed for cooling following the initial set up.

Do I Need to Vent a Propane Generator?

The majority of refrigerators are designed with vents that can be found on the exterior of the body and most require ventilation.

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