Best Small Water Pump

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Last Updated on December 31, 2020

Searching for the best water pump? We’re here to help.

Besides being easier to use than larger ones, small pumps are convenient to use, hassle-free to maintain, and are great for indoor gardening, hydroponic purposes, and for the household.

From small water pumps that are battery operated to those that require solar charging, there’s a lot of options available to you, and this guide will help you to decide what kind of pump is best for you and your needs.

Below, you’ll find detailed reviews of five of the best small water pumps on the market, as well as a buying guide that will help make the buying process as simplified as possible.

Regardless of preference of price point – you’ll find the pump you’re looking for here.


Best Small Water Pump

In a hurry? Go with the flow with our top pick:

If you need a reliable recommendation fast, look no further than the Vivosun 800GPH Water Pump.

Don’t have time to read our full review below?

Here’s a quick breakdown of what sets it apart from competing small pumps:

  • This pump can be used for either wet or dry installations and has been designed with Wet Bearing Technology that will allow this pump to be exposed to water without any performance defects.
  • It features a pre-filter screen that will be able to prevent large particles from getting through into the main body of water.
  • The compact design is ideal for saving space and even comes with multiple size inserts and suction cups for a hassle-free installation.

This pump is also sold at an affordable price point and can be used for a variety of different purposes such as ponds, irrigation systems, and for emergencies.

High performing and offering various convenience factors, it’s a bestseller for a reason!



1. VIVOSUN 800GPH Submersible Ultra Quiet Water Pump

VIVOSUN 800GPH Submersible Pump(3000L/H, 24W), Ultra Quiet Water Pump with 10ft. High Lift, Fountain Pump with 6.5ft. Power Cord, 3 Nozzles for Fish Tank, Pond, Aquarium, Statuary, Hydroponics

This electric-powered water pump comes equipped with three nozzles. The first one is 0.51 inches, the second is 0.62 inches and the third is 0.74 inches. These three varying nozzles will provide different water flow effects, all depending on your preference.

Plus, carefully designed with an adjustable knob, you’ll be able to adjust the overall water flow rate up to 800GPH. It also has a long five-foot power cord that will allow for convenient installation, as well as giving you more flexibility on where you’d like to place it.

To ensure that your needs are met, this small water pump has a maximum lift height of 10-foot and has a power capacity of 110-120V. Paired with the adjustable knob, you’ll be able to regulate the water flow rate to adjust the water pressure to suit your needs.

Detachable and easy to clean, the compact size of this water pump will be able to fit into smaller pools and ponds with ease, and it doesn’t require any tools to disassemble, so you can clean it easily.

The Vivosun 800GPH Submersible Ultra Quiet Water Pump also offers plenty of versatility.  It has been specifically designed to serve a wide range of purposes including fountains, ponds, waterfall features, irrigation systems, as well as indoor water feature systems.


  • Runs quietly
  • 2-year warranty
  • Affordable


  • Plastic exterior
VIVOSUN 800GPH Submersible Pump(3000L/H, 24W), Ultra Quiet Water Pump with 10ft. High Lift, Fountain Pump with 6.5ft. Power Cord, 3 Nozzles for Fish Tank, Pond, Aquarium, Statuary, Hydroponics
  • Specs & Dimensions: 4.1*2.6*3.5 inches; The 6.5 ft. long power cord offers convenient installation and an adjustable knob allows you to control of water flow rate and pressure; Max flow rate: 800 GPH (3000L/H); Max lift height: up to 10 ft.; Wattage: 24W; Voltage: 110-120V
  • Detachable & Cleanable: This powerful yet small-sized water pump is easy to hide and disguise; No tools necessary for disassembly and it’s very easy to clean
  • Many Possible Placement Positions: Place the pump flat on its base, stick it on an angled or vertical surface, and manually rotate it into any position you need
  • Wide Range of Applications: This is a high-performance, energy-efficient pump and is well-designed for use in ponds, fountains, waterfalls, hydroponic systems, and irrigation systems and so on; Working Temperature: 32℉ to 104℉
  • 3 Outlet Adapters:Includes three nozzles with different diameter sizes: 0.51 in., 0.62 in., and 0.74 in., providing different water flow effects for all your different needs

2. Superior Electric WP700 120V Electric Water Pump

Superior Electric WP700 120V Submersible Tile Saw Water Pump - 150 Gallons/hr (Jebao JP900)

On the search for a durable pump that can be used for small water features? Turn your attention to the Superior Electric WP700 120V Electric Water Pump.

This 120-volt pump has the capacity to pump 150 gallons per hour, which will provide the ideal amount of water needed for ponds, fountains, and waterfalls. This pump can be submerged completely into your water, and it can pump water directly from the tile saw water tray.

The corrosion-resistant plastic housing ensures a long, dependable pump life, while the quiet, energy-efficient magnetic drive is able to effectively pump water without using a lot of energy, so it’s an excellent cost-effective choice.

The WP700 water pump is also super easy to clean. No tools are required to clean the filter, and it doesn’t need to be disassembled for maintenance reasons. The WP700 will also provide you with long-term use. It features a reliable motor that is durable and won’t produce much noise while in operation.

In addition to the reliable motor, this small water pump features a corrosion-resistant plastic housing that will ensure long service life.

The small profile size makes the pump easy to hide, while the adjustable knob will allow you to adjust the water flow rate according to your preference.


  • Easy to install
  • Affordable


  • Short, 30-day warranty
Superior Electric WP700 120V Submersible Tile Saw Water Pump - 150 Gallons/hr (Jebao JP900)
  • Voltage: 110-120V - 60 Hz | Power: 12 Watts
  • Max. Flow Rate: 150 Gallons/hr (600 L/h)
  • Max. Lift Height: 43" | Cord Length: 6' | Approval: UL
  • Plug Type: 3 Prong (with ground) NEMA 5-15P
  • Dimensions: 1-7/8"(W) x 2-1/4"(H) x 2-3/4"(L)

3. WAYNE PC2 Portable Transfer Water Pump with Suction Hose

WAYNE PC2 Portable Transfer Water Pump With Suction Hose And Attachment, Black

If you’re searching for a small water pump that will be able to handle both indoor and outdoor use, we think that you might like the WAYNE PC2 Portable Transfer Water Pump.

For starters, the Wayne PC2 Transfer Water Pump features a compact design that will slot itself neatly into any pond, waterfall, or pool without taking up much space.

It is powered by a compact yet very powerful 115-volt motor, and comes with an included suction set that will allow for effective drainage down to 1/8″.

Offering plenty of versatility, the Wayne pC2 Transfer Water Pump is UL Listed and safe to use outdoors. The unit is also suitable for home use, with its portable yet lightweight construction offering water removal up to 350 GPH.

At a distance of three feet, this small water pump will operate at a sound level of 74dBA with a zero-foot discharge head. The maximum flow is 10-feet, however, it can be used in conjunction with a standard garden hose if needed.

Plus, to ensure a long service life,  this pump features a bronze plating that will help the pump to resist corrosion and thread damage, which sets it apart from plastic models.

It’s a great choice for anyone looking for a pump that can handle a range of applications, both inside and outside.


  • Well made and compact
  • Affordable price
  • Comes with suction hose and attachment


  • Does not run as quietly as other water pumps
WAYNE PC2 Portable Transfer Water Pump With Suction Hose And Attachment, Black
  • Heavy-duty bronze plated pump housing for durability. The noise level is 74dBA at 3 feet distance
  • Portable pump for household and utility applications ; 120 Volt Metal Transfer Pump
  • Removes water down to 1/8-inch of surface when water suction attachment is connected
  • Pumps up to 340-gallons of water per hour with 0-Feet Discharge Head, 300 GPH @ 10-Feet;Maximum flow is 410 gallons per hour
  • Discharge threaded to accept standard garden hose. On using, clear any air that may be in their garden hose for maximum suction.

4. FLUENTPOWER HP Portable Utility Submersible Pump

FLUENTPOWER 1/4HP Utility Pump 1500GPH Submersible Sump Pump, Drain Clean Water for Basement Flood Cellar Pool Garden Pond and Hot Tub

The FLUENTPOWER company has been in the water pump business for over 10 years, so it should come as no surprise that their bestselling HP Portable Utility Submersible Pump has made it onto our list.

This electric water pump from FLUENTPOWER is a tried and true favorite. It has a powerful motor alongside thermal overload protection which will help keep the motor from overheating.

It has a maximum water lift of 16.5 ft, which is particularly impressive given its portable, compact size. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to easily use this pump for a range of different purposes including for pools, hot tubs, and even water tanks without taking up a lot of space.

The operation of this water pump is also very easy, so it’s ideal for beginners. It operates via a plug outlet and will be able to remove water levels up to 15mm. There are many plastic hose adapters with the pump. Moreover, this pump can also be used with any standard garden hose.

This small water pump also features a strong plastic and a thermoplastic shell which will ensure long service life. Offering an impressive flow rate of 15000GPH, this multipurpose pump can be used for your garden pool, a pond, or even for your kitchen sink.

One of the only downsides we could find is that this water pump is designed only for clean water, so you won’t be able to use it with any chemically treated or saltwater. Besides damaging the unit, if exposed, this would also mean that the warranty would no longer be valid.


  • One year warranty
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • 15000GPH flow rate


  • Brushes need to be frequently replaced
FLUENTPOWER 1/4HP Utility Pump 1500GPH Submersible Sump Pump, Drain Clean Water for Basement Flood Cellar Pool Garden Pond and Hot Tub
  • ✔️【EFFICIENT UTILITY PUMP】1/4 HP powerful motor offers a Maximum flow rate of 1500 Gallons Per Hour with 1" discharge hose horizontally. This pump has the ability to lift water up to Max 16.4 ft of vertical height, and its Max immersion depth is 13 ft. Draining clean or slightly dirty water with Max solid 0.2".
  • ✔️【COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT】Portable handle design with 16.4 ft power cable makes the pump easy to carry and install. Item weight: 7 lb. This pump can be used in Min 7"x7" pit. It's perfect for water tank, hot tub, rain barrel, swimming pool, garden ponds and so on.
  • ✔️【SIMPLE PLUG-IN CONTROL】It works by manually plug in/out operation, the minimum water level to start working is around 6", and it can remove water down to 0.6". Just don't risk the pump to be dry running.
  • ✔️【SAFETY & DURABLE】Full corrosion-resistant shell and environmental thermoplastic construction with thermal overload protection ensure durability for household and utility application. ETL Listed.
  • ✔️【EASY INSTALLATION】Two plastic hose adapters are included: GHT 3/4" connects standard garden hose for quickly installation, and 1" connects discharge hose for high capacity pumping.

5. Trupow Cast Iron Portable Electric Water Pump

Trupow 1/2HP 1450GPH 115-Volt Cast Iron Portable Electric Power Utility Transfer Water Pump with Suction Strainer and Kits

Another small water pump worthy of your consideration is the Trupow Cast Iron Portable Electric Water Pump, which is ideal for garden lawns, waterbeds, and unclogging sinks.

The TRUPOW Volt Cast Iron Portable Electric Water Pump delivers a maximum output of 1450GPH, which gives this small pump power of 1/2 HP.

Featuring a cast iron design, this battery-powered pump is durable and long-lasting and comes with brass connectors that can be used with any standard garden hose.

If you have garden lawns that you want to tend to, you can use this electric water pump to distribute water evenly. You could even use it for unclogging sinks, or even for use in an aquarium, so it’s more suited to use in a household, especially as it runs very quietly.

Not just that, but the Trupow Cast Iron Portable Electric Water Pump also features an impressive suction power which is far superior to others currently available in the market. This will help to boost the water flow rate and improve the overall performance of the pump.

Many users have remarked that this water pump is very easy to install, and comes with an easy to follow instruction manual that will make setting up easy.

Plus, upon purchasing, the package you’ll get delivered to your door will include the pump, plus a set of carbon brushes, so it’s excellent value for money, too!


  • Durable and made of high-quality materials
  • Easy to operate
  • Suitable for watering lawns and unclogging aquariums


  • Inlet needs to be continuously primed with water
Trupow 1/2HP 1450GPH 115-Volt Cast Iron Portable Electric Power Utility Transfer Water Pump with Suction Strainer and Kits
  • Made of durable cast iron with brass hose connectors for standard 3/4" hose
  • Powerful transfer pump and easy to use; Please also keep the inlet hose primed with water(by use check valve)
  • Max flow rate: 1450gph ; Max delivery height: 120ft
  • Perfect for water distribution such as watering lawns in gardens or draining waterbeds, clogged sinks, and aquariums
  • Package Include: 1x Water Pump, 2x Brass Connectors, 1x Hose Filter, a set of extra replacement brushes

Best Small Water Pump Guide

Small water pumps are convenient, lightweight, and more affordable than larger pumps.

However, before you go ahead and invest in one of the models on our list, check out these helpful tips first.

1. The Maximum Head & Pressure

The first factor that you’ll want to take into consideration is the maximum head and pressure. For starters, the max head refers to the pump’s capability to push water upwards (it is sometimes referred to as a vertical lift).

So, with that being said, if a pump states that it has a ‘max head: 10-feet’ this then means that the maximum lift is 10-feet. If you were to use it any higher than this, you would get a zero flow rate.

Therefore, before making a purchase you’ll need to double-check that the max head will be able to withstand the height that you plan on using it.

In addition to the max head, you’ll also need to make sure that the amount of pressure offered by the pump will be powerful enough to meet your needs.

Usually, with small water pumps, suction is used to create atmospheric pressure. Thanks to the suction cup/tube, the weight of the air will be able to effectively push the water up and through the pump. 

2. The Flow Rate

The next factor that you’ll want to consider is the flow rate.

To simplify, the flow rate refers to the amount of time it will take for the unit to pump out a specific amount of water.

Oftentimes, the flow rate is usually measured in gallons per hour, but you can also find it in gallons per minute.

For best results, we recommend choosing a small water pump that will offer at least 40GPH. 

3. Durability and Construction

More important factors that you’ll need to take into consideration is how durable the pump is and how well it has been constructed.

Though you certainly don’t have to break the bank on a pump, we do recommend selecting a pump that has been well-made, as this will lengthen its service life and make it a more cost-effective choice in the long run.

So, to accurately determine whether or not a water pump is durable and well-constructed, we suggest first considering how well the motor has been made, and whether or not the pump requires regular maintenance (there are some pumps that have been designed to be maintenance-free).

If possible, we recommend selecting a pump that is maintenance-free or requires very little upkeep, as this will be more convenient for you.

In addition to this, the outer material will be a very strong indication of how durable the pump will be. Most small pumps on the market come in a plastic housing, which is more likely to be damaged by corrosion, while others feature a metal plating which is able to resist corrosion and thread damage. 

4. Inlet Size

As far as performance goes, the inlet size that the water pump uses will be a telltale sign of how quickly it’s going to be able to pump water.

In general, you’ll be able to find water pumps with an inlet size that ranges from one to six inches, although some can offer inlets that are bigger than this.

Small pumps work to suck the water from the inlet and then discharge the water through the outlet valve, which is why the inlet size is so crucial.

When shopping for a shiny new small pump, we recommend selecting one with a larger inlet as, the bigger the inlet, the quicker the unit is going to be able to effectively pump water.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what size water pump I need?

Smaller pumps will still be able to handle large bodies of water well. However, if you want to accurately determine the size you should go for, first, you’ll need to calculate the volume of water in the pond, small pool, or waterfall feature.

Then, you’ll need to calculate the volume of water in gallons. After you’ve done this, all you’ll need to do is multiply the length x width x average depth.

Once you have your figure and you know the volume of water in gallons, you’ll be able to choose a water pump that is the corresponding size.

How do small water pumps work?

Smaller electric water pumps, such as the kinds used in homes, usually feature smaller DC motors.

The DC motor is usually safely contained inside a sealed case that is attached to the impeller, which is able to power with a simple gear drive.

To bolster the performance, the motor is sometimes combined with a suction cup or tube that is able to help ‘push’ the water, causing the rotor to spin and in turn powering the pump.

Is a small water pump enough for a pool?

It will all depend on the size of the pool.

A pool of anywhere between 18,000 to 22,000 US gallons will require a minimum flow rate of between 38-50GPM, which most small pumps will be able to handle.

However, if you have a pool larger than that, you might want to consider sizing up a little.


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