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Last Updated on December 31, 2020

In terms of pots and pans, I just use the basics – I’m not a snob like that – Aerin Lauder 

The clock is ticking down, you can feel the minutes until your vacation arrives slowly, but surely disappearing one by one, and the lure of the open road getting stronger and stronger. We all know how it feels when your long-planned break, or quickly thrown together weekend jaunt, in your camper van or RV is just around the corner. The anticipation is almost overwhelming as your mind is besieged by the thoughts of what you want to and will do and the excitement of knowing that you’re going to be heading toward the horizon and leaving the rat race, for a short while at least, far behind.

Best Van Cookware

As your vacation and camper-van downtime draws ever near, your thoughts will inevitably turn toward planning and preparation. That’s when you start to think about whether you’ve packed, and have everything that you’re going to need to make the most of your extended, or brief sojourn. Right up there at the top of your checklist, should be cookware. If you don’t have a set of pots and pans ready when you arrive at your camping destination, you won’t be able to rustle up a hearty meal and a well-earned breakfast. And if you can’t satiate your appetite after a full day of outdoor adventure and relaxation, there’s a good chance that a hunger fueled back cloud could descend to spoil your break. That’s why we’ve put together a list of essential van cookware, so you’ll never have to miss a meal again and you’ll be fully prepared and ready for all of your road-trips and camping breaks. It’s time to outfit your van with the very best that the culinary world has to offer…

STANSPORT – Heavy Duty 7-Piece Stainless Steel Clad Cookware Set

For more than seventy years, Stansport has been making quality affordable gear for the average, everyday camper. They believe that the great outdoors is something that everyone can enjoy and that adventures are not the sole purview of hardcore enthusiasts and dedicated, hard-line hikers.  They’re an all-inclusive camping company that knows that a little time spent under star-filled night skies can change your life forever.

This heavy-duty, stainless steel, nesting cookware set includes one, two, three, and four quarry saucepans, a nine and three quarter inch frying pan, a universal lid, and a detachable, cold to the touch handle that can be used with all of the pans. Made from 18/20 stainless steel, which as any blacksmith will happily tell you is the creme de la creme of the steel world, each pan also has a solid, triple-ply aluminum bottom to push it’s conductivity to the maximum and ensure an even heat dispersal which allows for a faster, more efficient cooking time. And when you’re done cooking and have finished washing up? You’ll be able to stack these nesting pans inside each other, so they’ll take up far less storage space in your van than a normal set of cookware would.

Whether you’re using an induction or electric cooker, or you just want to step outside of your van and do all of your cooking over an open fire, this Stansport set of pans will be able to cope with whatever heat source you’re using and cook whatever you want them to. Seven decades of experience and innovation have taught Stansport what van fanatics and campers need their cookware to do and they’ve crammed everything that they learned into this set. 



  • Made from heavy-duty stainless steel and aluminum, there isn’t a heat source that these pans don’t like and can’t use to cook with. Designed to be adaptable, they’re an ideal way to make a meal after a day in the wilderness. 
  • We’re fans of the one size fits all handle that they use. No matter which pan you want to cook with, the handle can be clipped on to it to provide a sturdy, safe, and reliable way to cook. And best of all, no matter how hot the pan you’re using it with gets, the handle will remain cool to the touch. 
  • Our grandmother had a set of Russian Dolls when we were young she used to let us play with them all day and every day, so when we started using these nesting pans it brought back all sorts of happy childhood memories. And as they’re coated with stainless steel they’re easy to clean, and the aforementioned nesting system they use for storage makes sure that they won’t take up too much space in your van.


  • While five pans aren’t enough for some of the more fanatical campervan crowd, we’re of the mindset that it’s more than enough cookware to cater to all of your culinary camping endeavors. But at the end of the day, it’s all about the numbers, and if you think you might need more than five, even though we can’t imagine a single scenario where you would, then perhaps this isn’t the right set of equipment for you or your van.


Magma Ten Piece Nesting Cookware Set

Magma cookware was born from its founder’s love of sailing and cooking and their never-ending quest to find a way to effectively combine both. Made to cook on the high seas, far from any port, Magma cookware has established themselves as one of the foremost brands of adventure proof cookware in the world.

Even though they were primarily designed for sailing the seas and for the eternal wanderers whose souls belong to the ocean, this set of Magma cookware is also ideal for landlubbers and their larger road-going vessels. Made from marine polished stainless steel, this set of five nesting pans includes one and a half, two and three-quart saucepans, a five-quart stockpot, a nine and half-inch frying pan, interchangeable lids, two handles, and a bungee cord to hold them all together when stored and stowed.  All of the pans in the set also feature a triple encapsulated bottom which means they’ll heat up quickly, evenly, and efficiently, and as they’re made from stainless steel are just as easy to clean as they are to use. 

Sometimes when you’re thinking about heading out to parts unknown, you want to take a few home comforts with you, and this Magma cookware set isn’t just a comfort, it’s a luxury that most professional chefs would be envious of.  Why settle for the rest, when you can have the best? 



  • Magma purpose designed this cookware set to be used on yachts, in RV’s and in vans. They’re made to help you master the art of cooking on the go, no matter where you go. 
  • Tough, durable, and strong, they’re built from solid 18/20 stainless steel, which means that this cookware set will almost certainly outlast both your van and you. 
  • They’re a nesting set of pans that’s easy to clean, stow and store and will easily fit into whatever minimal space is available. 


  • Unfortunately, they’re engineered to work with induction cookers and stoves, which means that unless you have one fitted in your van, they’re not going to be much use when you’re all alone in the wilderness.
  • And, Magma’s reputation for quality, longevity, and precision means that this cookware set isn’t made with the budget camper in mind. They were designed for the sort of adventurer who can afford his or her own boat so you can probably guess how much of a painful dent this set will leave in your pocketbook. 


Camco Stainless Steel Nesting Cookware Set

With more than fourteen hundred patents to their name, Camco has spent more than five decades focusing on quality and innovation and manufacturing products that are designed with the consumer in mind. They’re masters of all trades and jacks of none and imbue everything that they design with pride and passion. 

This ten-piece, nesting solid stainless steel cookware set includes three saucepans, a frying pan, a stockpot, two handles, a dome lid, and a steeped lid which thanks to the precision engineering they’re built with, fit all of the included pans. The handles are made to be used with whichever pan from the set you’re cooking with and will remain cool to the touch regardless of how much heat you’re pouring into your culinary masterpiece, and will make sure your hands remain burn-free and your van inspired getaway is safe from disaster. Rust-resistant, durable, and long-lasting, this cookware set will be the only one that you’ll ever need to add to your vans kitchen area.

It doesn’t matter how many times we use them, we’re always going to be slightly enamored by, and in awe of, any set of nesting pans. And the superb fit and finish of Camco’s set mean they’ll fit into just half a cubic foot of cupboard, or shelf space in your van. Made to be easy to use, clean, and store, they’re the ideal way to prepare a meal to share with your family and friends while sitting around your van’s table telling tall tales of your day’s exploits. 


  • Completely non-stick, these tougher than Hulk when he’s really, really angry pans are compatible with just about any heat source that you can use to cook with. If it can get hot, these pans can use it to cook with. And, just like the Hulk, they’re durable and strong too. 
  • Have we mentioned how much we love nesting pans? We have? Okay, well in that case we’re going to mention it again, as the precise fit and feel of these pans mean that you’ll probably waste hours of your day fitting them together and taking them apart just for fun. We did. And when they are stored? They’ll fit into the smallest of available spaces.


  • We tried to find something that we didn’t like about this set while we were putting it through its paces and we couldn’t find anything. They’re a little expensive, but apart from that, they’re ideal for any and all van-based cookery.


Texsport Kangaroo Seven Piece Cookware Set

Texsport has been proudly supplying all sorts of outdoor enthusiasts with the kind of camping equipment that they need to make the most of the time that they get to spend in their chosen environment. They’ve spent sixty-five years making campers smile and they’ll probably spend the next sixty-five doing exactly the same.

This lightweight, hard-wearing seven-piece aluminum cookware set includes three saucepans, a stockpot, a frying pan, a universal lid and handle, and a mesh bag to stow and store it all in. Featuring an easy cooking and easy cleaning non-stick interior and two-tone treated easy heating exterior, the Kangaroo hasn’t met a stove, cooker, or fire that it didn’t like and couldn’t work with. A nesting set of pans whose natural habitat is anywhere you want to take it, if you can’t find the space to store it in your van, thanks to its mesh sack and the fact that it’s, for a set of pans at least, incredibly light, you can just hang it from any hook that’s available in your van. 

The great outdoors is a wondrous, beautiful place filled with all manner of marvels and sights, but if you’re going to spend any serious time exploring it, you’ll need the sort of equipment that you can rely on, at your side at all times. And that’s where Texpsort comes in as they’ve been making everything that you’ll ever need to survive and thrive in Mother Nature’s realm for more than six decades. 



  • Light, durable, compact, and made to take a culinary beating, this cookware set is perfect for any and all van-based adventures and escapades that you want to take it on. 
  • Easy to clean thanks to their non-stick surfaces, these pans will also heat up quicker than a Saturn V booster thanks to their easy heat treated exterior.
  • Made with campers and those of us dedicated to life in the great outdoors, this cookware set is the budget-conscious van owner’s dream, as it contains all the pots and pans that you’ll ever need at a price you’ll be more than happy to pay.


  • While it’s a hardy piece of kitchen kit, it doesn’t have the same sort of inherent toughness that the less pocketbook-friendly stainless steel sets on our list possess. Even though it’ll last for as long as you’ll need it too, it just won’t last as long as you hope it will.


AmazonBasics Non-Stick Cookware Set


From small oaks, might acorns grow and Amazon has risen from its origins as a humble garage-based set-up to become one of the biggest and most instantly recognizable global brands ever. If you have a product-related problem and no-one can help, you’re almost guaranteed to find the solution on Amazon.  

An eminently affordable cookware set, this eight-piece AmazonBasics collection includes two frying pans, one casserole dish, and two saucepans. The comfortable soft-touch handles on these cast aluminum, nonstick pans are designed to stay cool to the touch and leave you in complete control at every stage of the cooking process. Their spiral bottoms are engineered to distribute heat evenly and smoothly so that you can focus on what’s important. Cooking efficiently and quickly in the limited space available to you.

They may win any culinary beauty contests and they certainly won’t shatter any chef’s heart, but AmazonBasics cookware set will do exactly what they’ve been built to do.  Cook whatever you want them to, wherever you want them to.



  • Made to cook efficiently and quickly, the AmazonBasics cookware set is a durable, affordable way to take your home kitchen on the road with you. 
  • Thanks to their non-stick surfaces and fantastically comfortable handles, they’re a joy to quick with and easy to clean. Which is exactly what you’ll want when you’re trying to get to grips with your menu in the cramped confines of your van. 
  • And they’re also incredibly affordable and cost a fraction of what the other cookware sets on our list do. 


  • They’re bulky, cumbersome, and will take up far more room in your van than they, ideally, should. They’re not really designed to go the road, but if you’re looking for a stop-gap cookware set to plug that hole in your vans kitchen, then they’re an ideal, if somewhat temporary, solution


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Cookware? 

Cookware is a catch-all term used to describe different food preparation containers. Comprised of a number of different cooking vessels, cookware usually includes frying or saute pans, saucepans, and stock and casserole pots. 

While most cookware is designed to be used in either a home or professional kitchen, cookware that has been specifically made for camping, or to be used in vans, RVs and boats is often lighter, and smaller than it’s more-traditional counterparts

Frequently using a nesting system to make it easier to store in the limited space that a van or RV offers, van friendly cookware is also usually made from either stainless steel or aluminum rather than cast iron. 

Buyers Guide

Which Cookware Set Do I Need For My Van? 

The two, overriding and most important factors you need to consider when choosing the right cookware set for your van, are space and budget. You need to carefully consider how much available space you have to store and use your cookware and how your budget will stretch to accommodate your purchase.

It’s for those reasons, and those reasons alone, that we would always recommend that anyone looking for a set of cookware for any and all upcoming road trips and vacations in their van, casts an eye firmly and favorably on Texsport’s Kangaroo set. Light, easy to store, adaptable, and versatile it’s the ideal solution for any and all van related cooking problems. 

And with that, our work here is done and we look forward to maybe sharing a meal around a campfire with you at some point in the future.  Who knows, maybe you’ll even prepare said meal with the cookware we helped to guide you in the direction of. Wouldn’t that be something? 

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