Best Van Security System

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Last Updated on December 31, 2020

Best Van Security System

For many people, having an RV is like having a home away from home.

Just like if someone broke into your house, having your camper van burgled can feel like a huge violation.

That’s why you should protect it with an upgraded van security system. 

From simple alarms to all-out security systems that feature motion detection and camera surveillance, there’s a security system to suit all budgets so that the money you spent on your van isn’t lost if it ends up being stolen. 

With all the different components to consider, it can be tricky to decide what type of security you need.

Luckily for you, we’ve done the hard bit and researched some of the top available options and compiled them in a list of the best 5 van security systems for you to consider. 

Our buyer’s guide will contain more information regarding the features and factors you should look out for when trying to decide which system to go for, and if you still have questions by the end of this article you can check to see if we’ve answered it already in our frequently asked questions section.

So, what are you waiting for? Go on and start exploring, and be safe in the knowledge that your van is just as safe while you’re away.


1. SimpliSafe 9-Piece Alarm Security System

Keep your van safe whilst keeping an eye on it too, as this comprehensive security system from SimpliSafe includes camera surveillance! Not just for homes, if you want the absolute best in security for your RV then this 9-piece alarm system is the ultimate choice. 

It doesn’t include a panic button like the 8 or 12-piece set, but the SimpliCam security camera allows you to access a live stream of your van to see exactly what’s happening while you’re away.

This is where the SimpliSafe security system stands out from other models, as you’ll have full security coverage of your mobile home to make sure it’s safe from intruders. 

Protect your entry points with the 4 entry sensors and 2 motion sensors that are included, along with a base station that features a built-in 95 dB siren to scare away intruders.

The motion detection sensors can register movement up to 30 feet away from your van and provide a 90-degree range for full coverage when mounted in a corner.

It’s ready to go straight out of the box, simply complete the quick setup process and your RV will be protected in just minutes. Installation is as easy as that as there are no tools required, and the instructions provided will help you find the best location for your sensors.

It’s also easy to use, as the keypad features a wireless, user-friendly interface.

Once it’s installed, the pioneering signal burst technology is capable of covering entire homes with a 1000 ft. range, so it’ll have no problem spanning the length of your camper van without an extender.

A 24-hour battery life ensures your van stays protected for longer, combined with dual WiFi and cellular connections to keep your RV safe. 


  • Designed to catch humans, not pets, it won’t detect animal movement under 50 lbs
  • Simple installation and set up 
  • Easy to use with straightforward keypad controls 
  • Large range of coverage 
  • Loud 95 dB alarm 
  • Multiple sensors included to protect every entry point


  • Expensive option

2. GE Security Alarm Kit

Next, we looked at this security alarm kit from GE which includes a deluxe door alarm that is keypad activated.

It additionally includes three separate alarms for your windows to provide you with all-around security. 

Enter your 4-digit security code to arm or disarm your alarm, just make sure you don’t forget what it is! There’s also an away mode which gives you a 45-second delay so you can exit your RV without setting it off yourself as you leave, and a 30-second entry or instant alarm when it’s set to home mode. 

You can adjust the settings between the three modes – off, chime, and alarm – to suit your needs, and the alarm is incredibly loud at 120 dB.

It’s triggered by any attempt to open the doors or windows to your RV whilst the alarm is activated and will therefore effectively deter any intruders. 

It’s incredibly easy to install as there’s no wiring required, plus all the mounting hardware you need is included with your purchase. The battery-powered alarm is suitable for a range of uses, including van security, but it should be noted that it’s for indoor use only. 


  • Multiple alarm sensors for full security coverage 
  • One of the loudest alarms we looked at
  • Easy to use keypad control with a 4-digit code activation 
  • 3 different alarm modes 
  • 45-second exit delay 


  • Indoor use only 
  • No sensor to indicate whether the alarm is on or off

3. Wsdcam Wireless Door Alarm

If you’re looking for cheap, cheerful, and comprehensive security for your camper van, you’ll love this wireless security system from Wsdcam.

The most common entry point for burglars is the doors or windows, but with this alarm security system, you’ll be fully protected from unwanted entry to your mobile home. 

It’s incredibly easy to set it up yourself, as all you need to do is peel back the protective layer and stick your alarm to the chosen surface, although you do need to ensure that the arrows are aligned correctly. 

The no-fuss alarm system is magnetically triggered and emits a loud 105 dB alarm to alert you and anyone nearby of the potential danger which will effectively deter intruders.

Even in the deepest sleep, you’ll be sure to hear the noise of the alert going off! 

With 4 modes to choose from, which include arm, disarm, panic, and doorbell, you can control this security system via a wireless remote. It features a control range of up to 49 ft. which is more than enough to cover your RV and the surrounding area. 


  • Loud 105 dB alarm 
  • Most affordable choice 
  • 4 mode settings 
  • Large range up to 49 ft. 
  • Wireless keypad for more convenient control 


  • Only includes one door alarm

4. CPVAN Motion Sensor Alarm

If noise is what you need, this CPVAN motion sensor alarm is going to be a great choice. It’s the loudest of all the alarms we looked at and can produce an impressive 125 dB siren if it detects any unwanted intruders trying to break into your van. 

The PIR motion sensor was designed with fuzzy logic processing technology and features intelligent analysis algorithms in order to enhance its ability to accurately pick up on signals.

With a communication range of 328 ft. and the infrared sensor detection range of 16-26 ft, you’ll be fully protected from thieves or intruders. 

Simple installation is another advantage of this security alarm and it can be mounted practically anywhere within your RV. It’s controlled remotely so you can activate or deactivate the alarm even when you’re outside of the van.

Although there’s only one alarm provided, you can choose between an alarm ring or door ring alert mode to suit your needs. It’s also dual-powered, so you can either use the 3 AAA batteries which are included, or you can connect it to power via a micro USB.

This is not included, however, so you would need to purchase one separately. 


  • The loudest option we’ve found 
  • It uses advanced technology to boost the signal and ensure effective security 
  • Easy to install and can be mounted anywhere
  • Remotely controlled 


  • Only provides one alarm

5. Smad 3 Way Propane Refrigerator

The last security system we considered was this option from Hendun, another battery-powered alarm that is designed to alert you if there is any forced entry into your RV.

It includes a useful battery indicator to let you know when you’re running low, so you’ll never be left without protection by accident. Remember to keep some spare batteries on hand! 

It’s magnetically triggered so the 105 dB alarm will go off any time the door is opened when it’s activated, or you can set it to one of the other modes which include arm, disarm, panic, and doorbell. 

Easy to install and operate, you can use it for pretty much anything and it’s a great option for any van owner.

Two alarms are supplied so you can cover the front and back of your RV for better security coverage, although you won’t be able to secure every window. 

Control your security system remotely for ultimate convenience. You can also synchronize the sensors to work in harmony with just one remote.

There’s no time delay on this alarm after you set it, so you can use the remote to activate your security system once you’re outside your van to avoid accidentally setting the alarm off. 


  • Easy to install and operate remotely 
  • More than one alarm included 
  • Long-lasting battery life 
  • 4 different modes to choose from 
  • It will loudly and effectively alert you to any intrusion 


  • The doorbell function is also very loud when you might prefer it to be slightly quieter on this setting

Best Van Security System Buyer’s Guide

If you love to travel in your RV, it’s also likely that you enjoy experiencing what the local area has to offer, but how do you ensure that your van is secure while you’re out?

Even the friendliest of camping neighbors can’t keep a watchful eye over your rig at all times, but an alarm security system for your campervan allows you to explore with your mind at ease.

How do you choose the right one for your needs, you ask? Well, that’s what our buyer’s guide is here to tell you.

Types of Security For Your Van 

If you have the budget for it, you should definitely think about pimping out your security system.

With so many different options, we understand that it can be hard to decide which is the best choice for your RV! Here are some of the main types of van security systems:

  • Perimeter Security Systems:

    Think of a protective barrier around your camper, and that’s essentially what this type of security provides.

    Designed to notify you via a loud noise, the alarm will go off if an intruder enters the perimeters, although they are sometimes known to mistake the local wildlife for potential threats which can result in a few false alarms. 

  • Entry-Point Alarms:

    One of the cheapest yet most effective types of van security is window and door alarms, as these protect your entry-points from being broken into.

    Simply install them wherever you fear access may be gained to your van and, once switched on, they’ll alert you if anyone attempts to open them. 

  • Keyless Entry Systems:

    Also inexpensive is the keyless entry security system which allows you to enter your van by inputting a unique code.

    They’re typically not too difficult to set up and often will come with a remote fob key. 

  • Security Cameras:

    Available either as part of a full security system or for separate purchase, security cameras add another level of safety as they allow you to see what’s going on around your home even when you’re not there yourself. 

  • Integrated Security Systems:

    These are fully comprehensive systems that offer the complete package in terms of van security, and they’re the best choice for anyone who often camps in cities or less secured areas. 

Alarms and Sensor Sensitivity 

If your aim is to frighten off potential burglars, you’re going to want to look for a van alarm system that surprises them enough to make those thieves turn tail and run! In fact, you’ll want it to be so loud that they never contemplate trying to steal from you again.

Anything over 100 decibels is definitely going to shock a person that’s trying to break into or damage your van, and the noise will alert any fellow campers nearby if you’re not home.

Some security systems for your van can feature advanced shock sensors that are set off by serious impact, for example, if the glass is broken, and if you’ve opted for one of the more high-tech systems you should receive an alert or notification to your smartphone device.

Using this, you can keep an eye on your RV even when you’re away. 

Ease of Use

Nobody wants to be that person who’s constantly setting off their own alarm by accident, with no idea how to turn it off again. Instead of having to call the security company out time after time, it’s worth choosing a security system that’s going to be easy to use to avoid false alarms.

We don’t recommend leaving pets alone in your van for too long while you’re out, and always make sure it’s properly ventilated if you do, but some security alarms won’t register animals that weigh less than a certain amount to reduce the number of false alarms.

Consider as well how easy the installation is going to be. Most van security systems are simple to set up, and with some, it’s as easy as sticking it to the chosen location. 

You should also look at the user interface of the security system and whether or not it will be simple to use, or if you’ll need to keep the instructions manual nearby at all times because of complex keypads and displays.

Some systems are able to connect to your smartphone device so you can control your security even when you’re out, or alternatively, some provide a remote for you to use instead of a keypad. 

Additional Features

These days, security systems can do a lot more than just make a lot of noise when someone attempts to break into your van. You’ll find that many of the higher-end options will offer additional features to ensure even greater levels of security. 

For example, some will provide camera surveillance on top of the alarm security system so you can monitor your van to see if it’s safe. View a live-stream on your mobile phone or another smart device to see what’s happening wherever you are. 

Another cool function that some security systems may provide is GPS tracking in the event that your van ever is stolen.

In this situation, most people would agree that it’s pretty unlikely you’ll be able to get your van back, but with a GPS tracker, you’ll know exactly where your van is heading even if it’s not you in the driver’s seat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my can more secure?

It might sound obvious, always keep your van locked when you go out and try to avoid leaving any expensive devices or equipment out on display as this could tempt potential burglars.

Parking in a safe location also reduces the risk to your van, and adding additional surveillance such as security cameras will also help to deter anyone from trying to steal your van. 

Is it worth getting a security camera?

Van thieves are becoming more and more cunning as they find new, innovative ways to break into your van. This is happening even more frequently, as often as every 23 minutes studies have shown.

It’s therefore a good idea to invest in a fully comprehensive security system, and depending on your needs you may feel that a camera should be included. It would certainly make it easier to try and catch the culprit if anyone ever should manage to break in.

Will a better alarm security system lower my van insurance?

Sometimes insurance providers will take any additional security into consideration when working out the cost of your premiums, and this could result in a reduction in your insurance costs.

However, this will ultimately depend on your insurer, so you should always ring up and ask before buying a specific security system in the hopes it will affect your insurance cost.

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