B&W Hitch Review

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Last Updated on December 31, 2020

B&W Hitch Review

A trailer hitch will make a useful addition to your vehicle and will allow you to pull along extra cargo with ease, whether that be a horse trailer, bike rack, or standard travel trailer.

Whether you own an SUV or a regular family car, it’s possible to convert just about any vehicle into a towing machine simply by installing a trailer hitch to it.

There’s a variety of different trailer hitches on the market, and the type that you choose for your vehicle will greatly determine what you can and what you can’t tow.

B&W Trailer Hitches are known for creating some of the best on the market, and today we’re going to be taking an in-depth look at one of their bestsellers: the Tow and Stow Hitch Ball Mount.

From company background, features, all the way to pricing, this guide will provide you with a comprehensive review that will help you decide if it’s right for you and your vehicle. Let’s begin.

B&W Trailer Hitches Company Background

B&W Hitch was founded in 1987 in the Midwestern town of Humboldt, Kansas.

One of the founders, Roger Baker, was working as a classic car restorer and noticing a rapid decline in demand for his skills whilst the second founder, Joe Works, had endured many hard years on the family farm.

So, to help provide for their families, the two men teamed up and began building custom truck beds under the name B&W.

In this new line of work, the two men quickly discovered a way to remove the inconvenience of the gooseneck ball permanently welded in the bottom of a truck by creating a gooseneck hitch that featured the mounting hardware underneath the bed, and a ball that turned over and stowed in place.

This created the Turnoverball Gooseneck, which has revolutionized the industry, with almost every gooseneck manufacturer using this type of ball storage and mounting design.

Since then, B&W has grown (and continues to do so) into a global brand that creates a variety of different hitches ranging from five-wheel options to single attachment designs.

Despite the huge variety of towing options, though, all of B&W’s hitches have been created to provide a hassle-free tow, and a smooth and quiet ride for the user, all thanks to using that same under-bed mounting hardware and ball system used to create the very first one.

How does the Tow and Stow Hitch hold up though? Keep reading for a breakdown of their well-known bestseller.

B&W Trailer Hitches Tow & Stow Hitch

Tow & Stow - Fits 2' Receiver, Dual Ball (2' x 2-5/16'), 3' Drop, 10,000 GTW - TS10033B


Premium yet affordable, the B&W Tow & Stow Hitch is an adjustable ball mount design hitch that has been carefully designed to slot itself into any vehicle with a 2″ trailer hitch receiver.

It has been made in the USA and can be used to pull your tractor on the job site, tow a boat to the lake on sunny days, and even tow a travel trailer to and from the campsite.

Let’s take a look at some of its main features:

High-Quality Packaging

If you’re planning on spending over 100 dollars on a trailer hitch, it’s only fair that you should want to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth, right?

Even though the quality of the hitch is what matters most, we think that it’s important to make sure that your trailer hitch comes in good, protective packaging.

The Tow and Stow Hitch is boxed very well in a large box and comes stabilized within the box inside a cardboard frame.

‘Tow and Stow’ Design

One of the main reasons why this hitch is so popular is because it can be conveniently tucked under the vehicle when it’s not in use.

Just like the name suggests, all you’ll need to do is carefully rotate the hitch downwards until it is underneath your vehicle, lock the steel pins, and your Tow and Stow will be safely secured away.

Large Weight Capacity

Offering plenty of versatility and power, this hitch has a 1,000-pound tongue capacity and a 10,000-pound total weight capacity, which means that it can be used for a variety of different purposes, as well as beating competing hitches currently on the market that offer a significantly lower weight capacity.


For a convenient and hassle-free experience, the height of this hitch can be easily adjusted in order to help “level” out and stabilize the trailer for safer towing.

Plus, thanks to the stainless steel pins, you’ll be able to easily change over the ball size, and hide the hitch away when you don’t need it.

Tow and Stow Hitch: Pros and Cons

For total convenience and to help you decide if this trailer hitch is right for you, in this section, we have outlined the Tow and Stow Hitch’s main advantages and disadvantages:


  • It comes with multiple sized hitch balls that will make installation on a range of different vehicles easy.
  • Thanks to its ‘tow and stow’ hideaway capabilities, you’ll be able to easily position this hitch under your vehicle after use, which means that you can bid bruised shins when walking around the back of your vehicle farewell.
  • Offering plenty of power, this hitch has a 1,000-pound tongue capacity and a 10,000-pound total weight capacity, which is miles ahead of competing hitches.
  • Ensuring safety, you’ll be able to easily adjust the height of this hitch (in order to help stabilize the trailer tongue for safer, more efficient towing) easily and quickly.
  • This hitch comes with stainless steel pins that will allow you to change the ball size and store it under your vehicle when you’re done towing without any stress.


  • The hole on this hitch is positioned quite high, which means that it may not be compatible with all trucks.
Tow & Stow - Fits 2" Receiver, Dual Ball (2" x 2-5/16"), 3" Drop, 10,000 GTW - TS10033B
  • Multiple ball sizes eliminate the need for multiple ball mounts.
  • Adjustable in height for level towing.
  • Two-step finish: ecoat and black powder coat, provide corrosion protection inside and out.
  • Stows under the vehicle when not in use.
  • Made in America with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Where to Buy

As the Tow and Stow Hitch is one of B&W Trailer Hitch’s bestsellers, you’ll be able to purchase it from a variety of different retailers.

However, if you like the sound of this hitch and want to make a purchase, the most convenient place to shop for this trailer is via Amazon.

Besides being Amazon’s own top choice, you’ll also be able to check out some of the great reviews that customers have made about this hitch.

Check it out here.


Though B&W Trailer Hitches are confident that all of their products are made without any design or quality defects, they want to make sure that all of their travel hitches and accessories live up to your expectations and more.

Due to the nature of towing, it’s to be expected that your Tow and Stow Hitch won’t remain in a ‘new’ condition forever.

Over time, this hitch will begin to age, however, if you ensure that you are using it in the manner intended in its design, you should find that this hitch will only ever require some minimal maintenance to keep it working in the way it did when you first got it.

With that being said, if your Tow and Stow Hitch encounters any general wear and tear damage due to a road accident or some other kind of accident, B&W Trailer Hitch wants to work with you to help you get back on the road with as little cost and stress to you as possible, which is why the Tow and Stow Hitch comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

As soon as you have purchased this hitch, it’s recommended that you go ahead and register it online so that B&W Trailer Hitches to make the process more streamlined in the event that you needed to raise an issue.

However, unlike other companies, B&W Trailer Hitches will offer you a warranty even if you forget to register your hitch upon purchasing.

Want to learn more about B&W Trailer Hitches warranty? You can check it out here.


So, should you buy it? As far as B&W Trailer Hitches go, they’re a company that uses a wide range of advanced technology to build parts that you can rely on.

From rugged welding to innovative, hassle-free designs, they don’t cut any corners during the manufacturing process, and the Tow and Stow is a shining example of their craftsmanship.

The Tow and Stow Hitch is a tough, durable hitch that looks premium, installs easily, and will last for you for many years, if not a lifetime.

The best part about this particular B&W Hitch is that it’s suitable for use with just about any vehicle on the road, which means that it likely won’t require any drilling to install.

Pull your boat to the lake, mower to the shop, or tractor to the job site, you’ll be able to do it all with this ball mount hitch.

The Tow & Stow’s adjustable height and multiple ball sizes mean that it can fit onto most trailers without a hitch (get it?) and it can easily be stowed under your vehicle when you’re done using it.

Thanks to that, you’ll never have to worry about knocking or accidentally shutting the garage door on your hitch ever again.

All in all, considering the price point and the premium quality of the construction, we highly recommend this hitch.


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