Curt 5th Wheel Hitch Reviews

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Last Updated on December 31, 2020

Curt 5th Wheel Hitch Reviews

Today we’re going to be reviewing the 16,000 lbs (in black), which you can find here.

A 5th wheel hitch is a U shaped hitch that allows drivers to haul a much larger amount of weight than a ball hitch.

These types of hitches work best on pickup trucks but will work on other types of cars and trucks.

The 5th wheel hitch is named after the 5th wheel on 19th-century carriages which were attached horizontally and allowed pivoting in the front axle. Semi-trucks also use a similar type of hitch.

In this article, we are going to discuss why you would need a 5th wheel hitch. Why Curt is an industry-leading hitch producer, and whether a Curt 5th wheel hitch is worth the money.

Continue reading to discover everything you need to know before purchasing a Curt 5th Wheel Hitch…

Why do you need a 5th wheel hitch?

Purchasing a 5th wheel hitch can open a whole new world of heavy load-hauling to you.

A 5th wheel hitch will improve your hauling ability drastically. If you’ve wanted to buy a bigger trailer but your car can’t handle any more weight, then a 5th wheel hitch might be exactly what you need.

You can tow more

As we mentioned above the major appeal of purchasing a 5th wheel hitch is to increase the amount of weight your car can haul. These types of hitches will be able to support weights that ball hitches would not be able to handle.

The main contributors to the amount of weight a hitch can handle are the quality of the hitch and the location you install it in. A ball hitch is attached to the rear bumper which cannot handle as much weight as the rear axle.

Which is where a 5th wheel hitch is attached. 5th wheel hitches are ideal for 5th wheel trailers and camper homes.

Makes maneuvering with the trailer easier

Trying to reverse with a ball hitch can be a nightmare. By attaching your trailer with a 5th wheel hitch, you give yourself more control.

Reversing with a 5th wheel hitch will be easier as the trailer will be more responsive and the fitting allows for more room to maneuver.

Makes your drive more stable

If you want to drive your trailer in locations with rough roads, or you need to travel at higher speeds, you will see benefits when installing a 5th wheel hitch.

These benefits come from the placement of the hitch and how that affects the weight distribution throughout the vehicle. The 5th wheel hitch is inspired by the types of hitches used by semi-trucks.

Ball hitches are placed on the back of the vehicle, 5th wheel hitches are attached closer to the center of the car. This spreads the weight more evenly through the car and provides more stability.

Who is Curt?

Curt is an American brand whose tagline is ‘The First Name in Towing Products’. Conveniently, they’re not wrong. They are an industry-leading company that has built its name on selling high quality, long-lasting, and well-designed hitches.

The company began in 1993 with a few guys selling hitches out of the back of a car and quickly developed into a large company with their own production factories and a whole line of towing equipment.


CURT 16115 E16 5th Wheel Hitch

CURT 16115 E16 5th Wheel Hitch, 16,000 lbs

Now, it’s time to get into the review. This is a great option from Curt that ticks so many boxes.

However, we have noticed many people complaining about their purchases getting ruined during the shipping process and the hitch missing one crucial part.


  • Industry-standard parts
  • One-handed use
  • Compatible with multiple mounts or accessories
  • Heavily tested
  • Holds up to 16,000 lbs
  • Equipped with an anti-rattle plate
  • Auto-locking feature
  • Dual-pivoting head (up to 10 degrees of movement)
  • Adjustable height


  • Does not come with base rails
  • Shipping Issues
CURT 16115 E16 5th Wheel Hitch, 16,000 lbs
  • DUAL-PIVOT HEAD. This CURT 5th wheel hitch features a dual-pivoting head that provides 10 degrees of lateral movement to promote smooth, stable towing
  • AUTO-LOCK. The coupler of this 5th wheel hitch has an automatic locking feature to make the coupling process easier and more secure
  • ANTI-RATTLE. To help reduce rattling and vibration at the coupling point, this 5th wheel hitch is equipped with an anti-rattle skid plate
  • TESTED SAFETY. This 16K 5th wheel hitch is tested according to SAE J2638 specifications for safety and is rated to tow up to 16,000 lbs. gross trailer weight and 4,000 lbs. vertical load (limited to lowest-rated towing component)
  • VERSATILE FIT. This 5th wheel hitch comes with standard legs to easily and securely mount onto any industry-standard 5th wheel base rails, such as CURT base rails #16104 and #16204 (base rails and brackets sold separately)

Tested for 16,000 lbs

This hitch can support upto an impressive 16,000 lbs of weight. The hitch has been tested by and given the seal of improvement by multiple safety testing companies.

To put this into more context if you’re new to 5th wheel hitches, the B&D RVK3500 costs X3 the price and can carry 20,000 lbs. This hitch performs well above its station.

Industry standard

Check out our section called ‘Doesn’t come complete’ for more information on what we think about Curt’s claims that the hitch is compatible with all rail brands.

That small quibble aside, we love this wheel hitch. If you’re lucky enough to get a package with all the parts in you’ll soon realise that this hitch is as good as the others on the market that are twice if not three times as expensive.

Each individual component is high quality, and meets all industry standards. We’ve been unendingly impressed by the quality of this hitch.

One-hand use

In the spirit of Occam, we do think that the simplest options are often the best. We have no interest in messing around with a hitch all morning before setting out on a long drive. We love that the CURT 16115 E16 5th Wheel Hitch has been designed to be so simple that you can even use it with one hand.

Hitching a trailer involves so many different elements that sometimes you don’t have any hands spare. We really appreciate this feature from Curt and we know that you will find it a huge time saver.

Anti-rattle plate

Anyone who’s had to tow anything understands that there is little on earth as painful as the headache after a long drive with a trailer. That’s why we had big hopes for the E16’s anti-rattle plate.

The good news is that this anti-rattle plate works well. Curt has a reputation for releasing high-quality devices. This wheel hitch is no different.

Each part works incredible well, and the design choices really do seem to have their customers in mind. You’ll struggle to find another hitch that can tow 16,000 so quietly.


As we mentioned, the design of the CURT 16115 E16 5th Wheel Hitch allows it to be used one-handed.

A large element of this is the auto locking feature. We were really impressed with this feature. It is fast and secure.

It also prevented us panicking during our drives about if we had correctly attached the trailer.

Dual-Pivoting heads

The dual-pivoting feature of the head of the E16 allows for 10 degrees of movement.

Meaning that the trailer being towed is not rigid, the pivot head allows for natural movement and increases the trailer’s stability.

Adjustable Height

The CURT 16115 E16 5th Wheel Hitch comes with four adjustable height settings.

This allows different height trailers and campers to be attached to the hitch. This is a fairly unique feature in the industry.

Doesn’t come complete

The CURT 16115 E16 5th Wheel Hitch comes missing one crucial part… the base rails. Without these base rails the hitch cannot be attached to the car. If you’re reading that thinking that sounds so ridiculous! Don’t worry, we’re with you on that one.

Curt pitched the lack of base rails as ‘increased compatibility’ because this hitch will fit on base rails from any brand.

The reason we’re taking this claim with a pinch of salt is that we can’t find many other brands that don’t sell their hitches without base rails… We can’t see why you’d need to fit this pitch to any other brand’s base rails.

Is this just a cash grab? It certainly looks like that.

Is it enough to put us off buying this hitch? Honestly, no. The hitch overperforms in so many other areas, we can forgive it this little attempt to squeeze us for more money.

Shipping Issues

We’ve put this in the issues column, although we do not believe this is entirely Curt’s fault.

Many, many online reviews of this hitch report that their product was heavily damaged during delivery. Many boxes also arrived with missing parts. From the research we have done, it appears that most of these cases have occurred with third party sellers.

However, it is worth noting that depending on who you buy from the hitch may not arrive in the best condition.

Is it worth the money?

Sometimes we find it hard to believe that Curt has made such a reputation for itself selling such well-priced products. This brand is famous for selling top of the range towing items and for their quality. It blows us away that they can do this for such a great price.

When ordering this hitch online, make sure you are selecting Curt or a reputable shipper like Amazon as your supplier. This will help ensure your hitch arrives in good condition.

Although this hitch does not come with base rails, buying the two items from Curt separately still comes in at around $350. Which is still an extreme bargain for a hitch of this quality.

Is it worth the money? Absolutely!

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